Counter Steering… In Bahasa Indonesia…

Counter steering is one of the most “confusing” technique in riding a two wheels vehicle. It counter intuitive to what we think we steer a two wheelers and the fact it only applicable above certain speed are adding more confusion to the subject. Yet, counter steering is how we steer a motorcycle. Although most of us doing it subconsciously.

I always wanted to write about Counter Steering not in English but in my native language Bahasa Indonesia. Since blog is English speaking blog and I intend to keep it that way, I contacted my fellow blogger, Taufik, from Taufik and Motorcycle blog. He is the host of TMC, one of the most popular motorcycle blog in Indonesia and I requested if my Counter Steering writing can be posted on his blog. To my delight Taufik agreed and the piece have been posted on his blog.

Please follow this link to the Counter Steering post on Taufik’s blog. I hope you enjoy reading my Bahasa’s post.



7 thoughts on “Counter Steering… In Bahasa Indonesia…

  1. Hi Bon,
    It’s been a while, the article at Taufik’s brought me here..
    So, after the Multi, have you got yourself another Duc?
    Or are you stepping up to a BMW S1000RR after that CBR? hehe

    Btw, you’re lap times are amazing.. you are 1:09 with a Satria FU faster than with CBR? You could beat Mick Doohan at his prime with that!
    I think you should fix that typo. hehehe

    1. Hi bro…

      Hehehe Ah, my about page was bit messed up. My 1:09 was at Sentul Gokart track, not the Sentul track. πŸ™‚

      I’ve corrected it… Thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

  2. really nice read bro,..!
    on addition, you should buy this video (if not you already own a copy yourself). it’s really THAT good..!! one of very few videos i like about technical riding.

    1. Yup, I have the full video as well as the TOTW I and TOTW II book. The You Tube video above was the short version, in the full video there are explanation about Counter Steering that I use on my post..

      Thanks for the info!

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