Ducati and Piaggio to merge?

It is officially the rumor of the day. As being reported by Asphaltandrubber, one of my favorite blog in the Internet, the Italian press have stirred some news about possible merger of the two Italian icons. The main reason , possibly, is to fight with the Japanese four.  But to fight in what area? Sales? I don’t think the “Ducagio” or “Piacati” will ever get close with what Honda and Yamaha sells each year.  Not as long as the Italian companies do not make cheap moped.. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Ducati and Piaggio to merge?

    1. @giri
      xixixi . . .this is really a contradiction with what you say at my blog article . . . You did say . . . bebek lagi . . bebek lagi

      now . . . you ask for ducati-piaggio’s moped?? xixixixixi

  1. Hey!
    Asphalt n rubber is in my bookmark too 😀
    Maybe piaggio want to taking all of ducati’s share? 😀
    We know that piaggio is big, giant, n massiv producen..
    N ducati is just a (not so) big “firm”

    I waiting for ur arival in my new blog bro bona 😀

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