How fast is 125cc bikes in Sentul?

Some one ask me, how fast is a 125 cc bikes in Sentul? To answer that question lets find out who the fastest man ever ride a 125 cc bike in Sentul. That man is none other than Valentino Rossi which won the 1997 Indonesia GP more than a decade ago.

Above classification sheet is the result from 1997 Indonesia GP race, Rossi won with average speed of 150 Km/h. Lets just do some mathematics and we can calculate that his average lap time is 3.9km/150Km/h x 3600 sec (including the first starting lap) is 1:33.6.

Lets put that figures in perspective and compare it with today race result…

The above time sheet was from 2009 Superbike/Supersport National Championship qualification. M Fadli was on pole with the fastest time of 1:33.257, and his average speed was 153.06 Km/h. Rossi will be in the second position and will be fighting closely with M. Fadli. But keep in mind, Fadli was using GSXR600 while Rossi was with Aprillia RS125R.

On the straight line home straight Fadli can reach 260 Km/h easy, while Rossi I doubt will pass above 200-210 Km/h. That was over 50 Km/h different on the home straight alone! Some of the rider on the above sheet also rode 1000 cc bikes, the fastest in the above was in 1:38 (Yustinus H) with CBR1000RR. That liter bike near the end of home straight can reach 280 Km/h before braking for the first corner R1.

How fast you go in Sentul is certainly not measured by mere top speed. Everybody can twist that throttle to the max on the straight. But can you keep that twist while entering the notorious right hand R1 turn? On the track top speed is not everything. You can go 300 Km/h on the straight but if you corner speed is slow your lap time at Sentul will not that far away from 2 minutes range.

For sure, Sentul now is far cry from Sentul on its had day in the mid 90 where the asphalt still brand new. With top notch tarmac Fadli I suppose can cut a second or two of its lap time but still that is a Supersport 600cc bikes.

As for me with my CBR600RR, in a 15 laps race I will be overlap by Rossi in 125cc bikes twice! ๐Ÿ™‚



11 thoughts on “How fast is 125cc bikes in Sentul?

  1. look what i’ve caused! haha..

    nice perspective bro..
    let’s not forget that Rossi’s RS was solely built for race a.k.a. prototype. most if not all the bikes above are modified street/production bikes.

    who’s the fastest on the production based RS125 and by how many minutes? just curious..

  2. wadadadadahhh… kudu boso enggres tha komen ndek kene ??

    this post remind me to Noboru Ueda….. where is he now ??
    (pardon me Mr. Bona, my english is pathing pecotot)

    1. Awakku,

      I speak Bahasa, English and Padangnese. Unfortunately I do not speak Javanese.

      Do choose your language, but I prefer English.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for commenting!

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