Photography: Sentul, March 7th 2010.

It was full house at Sentul today, Monday March 7th 2010. The weather was hot, but perfect for track day. Two wheels and four wheels alike, all take turn to taste Sentul’s tarmac. I manage to get 20 laps in the morning session, but in the afternoon its picture time! No way I am going to miss taking picture of bikes ranging from moped (I believe is Suzuki Smash Skydrive) to 125cc Aprillia, Ninja 250R, all the way to Gixxer 1000 and brand new Repsol CBR1000RR at Sentul that day.

Enjoy the album bellow, also please comments on which picture you like the best..


35 thoughts on “Photography: Sentul, March 7th 2010.

  1. Thank you very much for the pics bro Bona!!!
    I fell down two times!!! I learn Sentul the hard way…
    I should learn correct body position first…

    Is there a course or something?

  2. thanks for the pictures bro Bona, you got a really nice white bike there πŸ˜€
    i believe there’s no suzuki smash yesterday πŸ˜›
    there’s one yamaha jupiter MX and one suzuki skydrive, only 2 bikes below 150cc πŸ˜€

    1. Depends on who ride it bro.. πŸ™‚

      Valentino Rossi best time with Aprilia RS125R at Sentul if I’m not mistaken is 1:37ish in 1996.

      1. haha,..
        of course i meant that particular RS125 in the photo.

        i’m thinking about getting one but if speed is not on top of the feature list then i might have to think again.

      2. Me and Aprilia end up chasing each other, I let him pass and I would overtake him, but he couldn’t do the same. Me and Adit are both newbie… but I was riding my own bike a stock Ninja 250R, Adit is I think more of a scooter guy…

        According to Adit who is working at Piaggio Fatmawati, the Aprilia suffers engine problem, if the bike is fit, it has a top speed of over 200 kmh, in straight line…

  3. @all.

    thk u very much fr all ,see u soon in part 3 …prepare ur motorbike .
    sory fr incv caused.

    Head EO

  4. wah…this a nice picture….about race, i just can get 140km/hour… I think this bike is a little problem on the machine, did not like the first i try at Sentul could be top speed 214 … there is little problem clutch also seems pretty well … but enough for me a beginner …

  5. Nice pic bro..if you have my motorcycle pic minerva black number 10 with blue and yellow wearpack.please email to me.
    Tks & rgds
    MRC 090

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