Say Hello to KoBoI, the Indonesian automotive bloggers community..

We Indonesian love to say something about anything. We are the third largest Democracy in the world and we just love to share our point of view. If you know Indonesia and happen to understand Bahasa Indonesia, our national language, you’ll understand that we just love to let other people know our thought. From politics to gossip, Indonesian just love to “talk”. We may bit reluctant to talk in language other then Bahasa Indonesia; since most Indonesian speaks Bahasa and their native ethnic language, but if you are foreigner and can speak Bahasa then you will understand that we just love to talk.

We also love motorcycle, sure it provide an economical way of transportation, but motorcycle for us transcend mere transportation. If you ever visited Indonesia you know that the road condition is simply bad. Motorcycle also often being treated as second class citizens, we can not ride at the best road in Indonesia –  the tol road/ highway and we were given tiny parking space far-far away.  But despite all that we still love our motorcycle.

Now the blog media have given us an opportunity to talk about things we love, the world of motorcycle. And there are not few of us. The Indonesian automotive bloggers community is just that. A group of Indonesian bloggers that love to talk about motorcycle in particular and automotive in general. Its called KoBoI or Komunitas Blogger Otomotive Indonesia. Do check and you’ll find KoBoI.

My blog, yours truly, is happen to be the only blog with English as the “official” language at the Indomotoblog list. I have my reason why I use English and you can check it on my about page. But the main thing is that I hope non Indonesian speaking visitor can catch a glimpse on how we are as motorcycle enthusiast. So far from this link about 65% visitor of comes from outside of Indonesia, thus I think this blog have serve its purpose.

Anyhow I hope you continue to enjoy reading my humble blog and write down comments if you have something to say.

PS: Thanks to bro Taufik that’ve sent me the ultra cool official KoBoI Anniversary T shirt. Do check Taufik’s blog at He got millions of hit 😀

10 thoughts on “Say Hello to KoBoI, the Indonesian automotive bloggers community..

  1. like bro Stephen said, just send an email to [] .
    KoBOI is a closed mail list, maybe that’s the reason you couldn,t find it on google. 🙂

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