Will Rossi ever be in Formula 1?

At least not in the near future.

But never say never. Personally I think it depends on “motivation”. In interview Rossi often says this “m” word. I think it what drive him the most.  From one interview with BBC’s ever charming Suzzy Perry, Rossi told that the biggest problem for him and his team is that if he or his team is loosing “motivation”. Well that was not the exact word, but the point was that motivation is very important for him.

Now, if you have won championship several times already is natural that one will lost the motivation to fight. Rossi have won with Yamaha for 4 times already, with Honda 3 times, won both 1000cc, 800cc, 250cc and 125cc. If I were Rossi for sure I will said; heck I win them all what more are there for me?

Motivation is I think what will drive Rossi to F 1, he conquered 2 wheels and let’s try 4. Only time will tell.


PS: If you checked the video above is it me or Rossi was just too tall for the Ferrari’s F1 car? Rossi’s helmet stuck out more compare to other driver. Did he drive Massa’s car? 🙂


9 thoughts on “Will Rossi ever be in Formula 1?

  1. I think he’s too old to race F1, especially as a rookie.
    There’s also a possibility of Rossi competing in the WRC since he’s so fond of it & he started racing with rally gokart

      1. Hehehe… Didn’t you know.. 30ish is the new 20ish… Lance Armstrong still win the Tour de France when he was 34th. Rossi may not win the championship just participating in the championship is enough.

  2. Hmm..
    I think if rossy find a happiness of driving, he’ll drive an f1 car
    Maybe the car that rossi drove was massa’s car
    Massa is short, n rossi is BONGSOR :mrgreen:
    Btw, suzy perry is no longer work for BBC 😀

    1. Really? Suzy Perry no longer with BBC? What a lost, love her witty back and forth with the english speaking GP rider… 😀

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