KAMI DATANG KEMBALI… or “HELLO INDONESIA, HERE WE ARE AGAIN..” says on Indonesia’s major news paper. Both Rossi and Lorenzo will be in Indonesia early March and will visit 4 Indonesia major cities beside Jakarta. Rossi will visit Medan and Surabaya, while Lorenzo will visit Bandung and Yogyakarta.

The ad also says that their visit is to inaugurate the tag word “SEMAKIN DIDEPAN” in front of Indonesia massive Yamaha MotoGP (especially Rossi) fan based. I bet Yamaha Indonesia will also use this events to introduce some of its new motorcycle line to the Indonesian public.

Yamaha Indonesia also cleverly choose other cities to held the events. All four cities that the M1 duo will visit are the largest 4 cities in Indonesia after Jakarta with huge motorcycle market. Its the main battle ground for Yamaha and Honda to grab the 6 million plus unit market of small cc bike and moped. Not even Lorenzo injury can stop him to come to those market base.

Its a clever move by Yamaha Indonesia and now your turn Honda..



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