Photography: Learning to do “Panning”..

I have been enjoying photography lately, it was a hobby of mine about 5 – 6 years ago and somehow the bug bite again. Early this year I’ve updated my gear with the help of my big brother which already a “pro” photographer already and I started again to familiarized my self with the new stuff. My intention is to focus on action/sport photography and perhaps some human interest and landscape with a little bit of macro… Heheheh 😀

Just like today , I brought my camera and since I was at track what better subject to shoot then bike? And lets do it with “panning” so the background will be blur to emphasized the bike speed. So after I finish my lap, grab my camera and start shooting.

Above pic was shoot at turn 3 at Sentul Circuit, I honestly don’t know who the rider, but he was riding Kawasaki Ninja 250R and did pretty good. With knee dragged on R3. The above was taken with Shutter-Priority (Tv) with the speed of 1/60. I tried faster speed but the blur was less and with slower speed difficult to get sharp image. I use EF 100mm f/2.8 fix lens and with my 1.6x crop factor of my camera  the lens was sufficient. I did a little bit of cropping but not much. By the way I use Adobe Lightroom for RAW processing and post pro.

Bellow was the picture of Matteo of Ducati Indonesia took about several weeks before.That time I only brought my EF-S 15-85 kit lens, so it obvious the lens was not long enough. Anyhow, bellow picture also took with Tv at 1/60. The lens had the IS (Image Stabilizer) turn on. The location was S besar chicane exit.

In doing Panning I think trial and error is the way to go. Once you got the speed correct I just used H drive mode to shoot several frame per second. Hoping that one of the image will be tact sharp.

Anyway enjoy the pics and if you have comment and would like to share some experiences fire away!


5 thoughts on “Photography: Learning to do “Panning”..

  1. I’m not a pro photographer, but I think the first picture of Ninja 250 did a great job of panning in the subject. Better result from the second, which is the picture of mateo, in terms of creating blur background and sharp foreground. How far were you standing from the subject? Did you use tripod?

    1. Thanks bro, for the Ninja picture I was pretty close with the subject. It was on turn 3 where I took the picture from the marshal post near the apex. Only about 5m from the subject. Matteo picture was bit far.

      Both were taken hand held, no tripod.

  2. Panning is one of my fave photography technique. I try to get better all the time, but alas, I dont have that much free-time anymore.
    Actually, I was so fond of panning, I had asked the photographer of my pre-wedding took a panning picture of me & my wafe riding a Multistrada. Too bad that particular photographer was not that good at panning. Only a few turned out OK, but even that wasnt good enough to be displayed at my wedding 😦
    prewed on a multi

    I’m guessing you’re a canon user from your description of lenses & terms (Tv). What type? Same as other Ducs fotographer, the 40D? Or the newer or more advanced version?

    Here’s some of my earlier photos:
    In a restaurant in Bangkok
    flying man

    Reverse panning (?). The subject itself is standing still, but I was on a moving bus. The effect is the same as panning
    rev panning

    And this one I took from R2 during one of the Supersport race

    1. Nice pics! Check out my last panning shoot:

      This week DDOC will have track day in Sentul.. will try another panning.. 😀

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