Another Proudly Present: My new ride for 2010…

2010 Yamaha Mio Soul!! Yup, got my self a new ride early this year. I tested it and max I can do was 90km/h. But it broke the record time it took for me to go to the office, about 50 minutes by car, and about 15 minutes by the above ride πŸ™‚ Not even riding aΒ  Ducati came close with that time! πŸ˜€

Yamaha Mio, or commonly known as Mio, is the ubiquitous mode of transportation here in Jakarta. Do you know why Rossi and Lorenzo visit Indonesia for several times already? It was because Yamaha sells million of them (Mio and other moped model) in Indonesia annually. You want to truly experience riding two wheels in Indonesia? Ride what the locals ride, ride one of these during Jakarta’s peak hours πŸ˜€

I put a small Givi box at the back for rain coat, etc, and I can go almost traffic free any where around Jakarta. Look for my ride report with this baby soon.


14 thoughts on “Another Proudly Present: My new ride for 2010…

  1. keep the safety riding Bro and don’t become one of them bengil/skutil (bebek tengil/suktik tengil), hehehe… too many of them already on Jakarta roads…

  2. Got a Vario in my garage, but still prefer my Monster for everyday use.
    The Vario wins in the lane cutting category. But from experience, not that much difference. But my monster beats the cr@* out of my vario for riding pleasure & quickness in finding parking in malls :p

  3. I was in jkt last Feb and May and was tempted to ride two wheels in jkt traffic but chickened out. I’m going back again in Sept and will try to work up the courage to ride around a bit. We’ll see… lol.

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