More track activity…

It was pretty busy weeks, track wise. I planned to participate for the next series of Superbike/Supersport National Championship race in our local track, thus the bike need to be ready. Need more track time also to learn about the new track surface as many parts of its apex are heavily patched. Yet the preparation was not according to plan, as I crashed on the slippery S Kecil chicane while testing the bike new gearing, the bike was not heavily damaged though and I hope can be ready for the race.

First order of business was suspension setting. For this I was getting help from senior rider bro Dyan to set up my suspension. As I still use stock suspension front and back there were not many setting/adjustment can be made compare to the after market unit. Alas for my riding ability the stock suspension will be more then enough. Suspension setting is still a big mystery for me, though I understand its basic having a more experience rider to help you is always a plus.

With the new setting I can felt that the bike is more agile, quicker steering, very much needed to navigate all the new patches on the surface of the track.

Next was the bike gearing. As with the suspension my bike gearing was still stock. From several track days I found that my RPM on the home straight was bit lazy or low. I know that this was due to low RPM coming out from the last R12 corner. With new patches on the apex on the R10 I bit hesitance to open the throttle there so from R10 the RPM already low, this continue to R11 and to the last R12. All the three last corner are connected to each other forming a big hair pin. See I still not confident opening up throttle on the patches, some better rider and the pro told me to just give it a go but again I have no gut to do so ;p

With shorter gear I hope I can have the bike to rev faster to help me coming out of R12 and on the home straight. The stock CBR rear sprocket is 41 so I tried to change it to 43. I was not changing the front sprocket, just the rear.

With a fresh new tire it was time to test the new gearing. As expected the bike accelerate faster. Coming out from R12 the RPM climb faster from 10K all the way to 15K. I like! I know that with shorter gearing the bike top speed might be bit lower but I  need acceleration more then stop speed in the current track condition.

But on lap 5th or 6th, can’t remember, I crashed on the S Kecil chicane. Not too sure what happen, but I just low sided on the way out. I think my speed was ok, my finger was not on the brake and my throttle was steady. Some how when I flip the bike from right to left I lost the front tire and the bike went low sided. The tire for sure already warmed up so the culprit possibly a dirt on the track. Fortunately the bike was not badly damaged and for my self aside from a bruised rib I think I was ok 🙂

As for the race I hope I still can participate, but let just see how it goes for the bike repair.



3 thoughts on “More track activity…

  1. nice…keep on rollin’ n practice, good luck for the race bro bona…btw, when Superbike/Supersport National Championship race will be headed?
    I saw the IMI calender , but i think there are some race conducted on 25 oct?!motogp was?!even bro nugroho went do you will race on 29nov?i am planning to watch it live on the track..hihi..looking forward to see you bro..n..can i have your cellphone number?please send it to my email..thanks b4, n sorry for the miss spelling..again,,goodluck bro?!=)

    1. Hi there carrotacademyindonesia..

      Most track bike do not use frame slider and almost race bike do not use them. The reason is that frame slider can make the bike flip during a crash and that is dangerous. Frame slider also can make the frame damage since most of the slider is bolted to the frame.

      For normal road riding frame slider do protect engine, etc, but not for track/race.

      Hope that helps.

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