Me and Multistrada…*updated*

When I write this post, the all new Ducati Multistrada is about to be unveiled at 2009 EICMA Show in Milan. After the show my 1000 Ducati Multistrada will suddenly become an “old” model or the “previous” model of Multistrada. The much anticipated (at least for Multistrada lover :)) 2010 Multistrada (which may be called Multistrada Aperta) will have totally new look yet still bear its DNA as a “Multi Road” or “Dual Sport” version of Ducati motorcycle.

With this new dawn of the new Multistrada or Multi, I would like to share some of the memorable pics and experience I have with the Multi, it was and still is an enjoyable experience but I must admit it was not love at the first sight.

Honestly, look wise Multi is not the prettiest bike on the block, let me be as honest as possible, from the front it simply FUGLY. But from the side and especially from the back then the Multi is becoming more desirable. But Multi is not just to be stared at, you need to ride it and when you ride a Multi you know instantly you ride some thing special. It is a very balance bike that make you confident in any road (even on track) and to just give it a go.

Take it for a long distance ride and the Mutli will certainly shines. Sooo enjoyable and smooth. All right, it was not a GoldWing type of smooth, but again the road condition in Indonesia really suite Multi that may otherwise too rough for a GoldWing.

It also not as fashionable as sport bike out there for Cafe hooping, but yet again two up riding with some one you care will not be as torturous for both you and your passenger. My wife never complaint when I took her on a ride with the Multi but not when she rides in other bike.

I just hope that the new Mutli can keep up to its predecessor, if the new Multi is better looking then that is a bonus. But the most important thing is that new Multi must be enjoyable to ride like its predecessor. I don’t need Superbike type of power or Traction Control in a Multi. What I’m looking forward is comfort and enjoyable in riding the Multi in any type of road.

Last but not least, I got a lot of question in regards of my height since I’m riding a Multi. Multi is relatively a tall bike, its seat height is 85 cm or 33.5 in. With my asian frame, my height is only 162cm or about 5’4″. With that situation is understandably I always tip toeing riding the Multi for stop. But that not necessarily a terrifying situation. Once you get used to it is no big deal. Check out bellow pic of me on the Multi while stop, practicing my ballet position.. hehehe 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Me and Multistrada…*updated*

    1. Multi is aircooled. But trust me it is much cooler then Ducati liquid cooled bike such as Ducati Superbike.

      Ducati Superbike with liquid cooled is known to be “nuts burner”.. if you know what I mean.. hahahahaha

  1. weks..nadi got the podium 😦

    btw . . .nadi
    i thing we have to go with mr Bona for some riding journey
    i dont know . . maybe pelabuhan ratu or ujung genteng will be a nice spot to ride

    * cmon guys, burn your MC engine !!

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