Finaly some track time!

It has been a while since my last track time, my local track was close for resurfacing and continue with Ramadhan month break. After Ied celebration finally I got some track time.. Woohoo..:)

Both the bike and my skill riding on track (if there any) were rusty already! The CBR was failed first time I started it, the battery run out since it had not been run for a while but not too worry the mechanic quickly fix it  and the sound of the inline 4 come to live!

With this long break my club did small renovation on our paddock, it getting much cleaner and much more organized. I like! Kudos to the new paddock management under Rizla Suzuki 34 and Yamaha 55!!

If the paddock improved, the track surface is the opposite 😦 . It was getting worse to say the least. Especially for motorbike, the track was getting more slippery in certain very crucial area such as the corner apex.

Riding around the track it was clear that the old racing line can not be used. Started from the fast R1, the new resurface patch was right on the apex. Again in R4, Big S and all R10 and R11. The thing is if you ride through the patch with a lean angle and with the throttle steady both the front and the back will slide a bit. But if you want shortest lap time, and open the throttle early while you still on the patch things can get scary quickly! I did several laps just to find a new racing line, but for sure the new racing line will be slowest than before!

On the next track day, I did find something troubling with my CBR. I failed to engage in lower gear while downshifting entering a corner. Pretty hairy stuff when suddenly it went neutral just about to enter a corner. I almost crash in S Kecil when my bike went neutral and when I engaged another gear it went to 1st! The rear shook but fortunately I managed control the bike.

Certainly there was something wrong with the CBR. I had a hunch that my clutch plates has wore out already, and further checked by the mechanics confirm it. The plates was order and will be installed soon.



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