Ride Report: Bukittinggi – Parapat (Part 2)


A first long ride on this trip. From Bukittinggi (Point A Google map above) West Sumatra to Parapat (Point F), we stop along the way for gas at Pasaman (Point B) near the border of North Sumatra, another refueling near Sipirok (Point C). We had lunch at Sipirok (Point D) and a long break before the final refueling of the day at Tarutung (Point E). Distance of 503KM in total from Bukittinggi to Parapat.

We reached Parapat late in the afternoon around 8 PM and it was raining. I must say this was one hard ride, we had minor accident, some of the worst road condition after Tarutung, the rain and riding in the dark, but did I mention about the food? The best things in this ride was the Minang Melayu food, hmm… so exquisite!


We left the hotel around 5:30 AM, late around 30 minutes from the original plan. It was a cold morning and the road was still wet from the rain on the night before. We head north, and as just we left Bukittinggi we already rode through a tropical rain forest with its twisty road. The road condition was so so, with some road was good but other parts not so good.


Most of the ride pics were taken by Nugroho, he was riding Multistrada also. Do check bellow several pics from his camera.


More twisty road after the sun risen.


Our first stop for refueling was near Pasaman, around 8:30 AM already and according to my GPS we had covered about 127KM from Bukittinggi. So the average speed a bit less of 60KPH, which was not too bad. With the tank full, we continue to ride north.


Our ride were during the Independence Day celebration in Indonesia, thus plenty school marching band and many other festivity along the road to celebrate the Independence Day, which was quite an entertainment for us.


We had another stop and refueling near Sipirok. For lunch we stop by at Sipirok city, in a small restaurant called Siang Malam. The type of dish were Minang Melayu food, with various type of spice and chili in various color from green to red. Taste wise was simply out of this world!


One particular dish that stroke me the most was beef leg soup that was served with the bone as part of the presentation. The interesting part was that you suck the juice inside of the bone with the provided straw. Don’t ask how many calorie the soup has or if it will shoot your cholesterol level through the roof with just one serving, because I bet it will. Heck, let just forget about that for a while 🙂


We left Sipirok a bit late since we waited for a friend that was left behind due to tyre problem. Onced all together again in a group, we continue North to Tarutung. When we left Sipirok rain had just started, and the road condition was getting worse. It was getting worse to a point where there were no asphalt left and we simply rode in a mud. This was simply the worse road condition on the whole trip.


Rain made the road condition worsen, I don’t mind riding bit off road with my Multistrada. But combine that with rain and you had this slippery mud that you must maneuver carefully.


This condition was for quite a distance, some times it was mix, when we though that it was over another brownish road came up ahead. This why I glad I own and ride a Multistrada. The bike certainly was design for this kind of mix road. I almost fell several time when my rear tyre went sideways, but fortunately I manage to keep control of the bike.


Getting near Tarutung the road improved. But we run a bit late and soon will be getting dark.


After another refueling and a short break  near Tarutung we continue to ride and Parapat next on our list. We had another stop when we saw Lake Toba in the foreground, and took some pic.


Near Parapat we had minor incident and 4 bikes needed to stop while the rest of the group continue to Parapat. It was dark already and it was rain. There were no road light and we have about 20KM more to Parapat. The road was twisty and we just took it very-very slow, only abouth 40 KPH to 50KPH. The main problem was visibility, once there were upcoming traffic, the head light from that traffic simply blur our helmet visor thus almost none visibility! We finally made it Parapat to our hotel around 8 PM.

At Parapat we had friend joining in as well as pillion passenger for the ride from Parapat to Medan. Check also the galery bellow for more pics.


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