Bukittinggi – Banda Aceh ride completed…

We finally made it to Banda Aceh after about 1200KM ride from Bukittinggi West Sumatra. Above was me in front of the famous Banda Aceh’s Baiturrahman Mosque just after we arrived in Banda Aceh from Medan. The ride was not without incident, fortunatelly nothing major. From 15 bikes, 13 made it to Banda Aceh. Most of the time the weather was awful to say the least, some of the road condition was the worse I have experienced riding in Indonesia. But there were section where it all worth it, the long (very very long..!) and smooth (very very smooth..!) curvy road near Banda Aceh, the  serenity of Lambah Haraw in West Sumatra, the delicious and distinctive spice in Minang Melayu food from Green Chilly Duck to Ayam Tangkap of Aceh, to the companion of friends enjoying the ride to celebrate our Independence Day!

Stay tune for the trip and photo report!

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