Whazz up? New helmet and riding the GSX-R..


It’s been a while since I updated my blog. With Tweeter and Facebook this blog do got some stiff competition. But hey it has been a slow months motorcycling wise. My local track is still close till God know when, no new trip report, and I am not getting any new bike. Just doing a lot of Sunday morning ride around town with friend, but heck I need to update my blog anyway so here it goes.

Getting a new helmet…

Yup, I got my self a new helmet. It was a SHOEI Hornet-DS, and it is a Dual Sport helmet. The Dual Sport helmet basically a helmet that can be used for both off road and on road riding. The DS is basically an off road helmet with build in visor. But also more then that since it was designed for high speed on road usage against the wind in mind.


I always prefer SHOEI compare to other brand, somehow it suite me better compare to other brand. Felt like Ewan McGregor on the Long Way Down already.. ha πŸ™‚


So far I have been happy with the helmet and it really match the Ducati Multistrada that I ride.

Not so exclusive any more? Just too many Desmo?

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been doing Sunday morning ride with friends around town for awful lot of time. Almost every week end, since Sentul close. And for this past several weeks we have been joined by not one, but two!, ultra exclusive Desmosedici RR. Apparently both owner are truly motorcycle enthusiast and keen to joint us in our club with our Sunday morning ride.

Bellow the first one, with clean Ducati Red firing..


And the second with “Alice” red firing..


I am not saying the Desmo is less exclusive now, but heck there are two in our club and if both ride the same time the term “One and Only” does not apply.. πŸ™‚ Anyhow, it still was the center of attention, especially when you open the throttle, wow the sound is simply amazing.

Jap bike for a chance, the crazy GSX-R1000 K5.

Check out my ride for a week or so. The ultra powerful Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5. I have been switch bike with a friend of mine and will riding this monster for a chance. And is not just GSX-R 1000, this one has exhaust system upgraded to full system Yoshimura with PowerCommander installed.


The K5 is arguably the best litter bike there was back in 05, and it is still awesome. The sound is totally different with the L Twin Ducati, but both are just nice. I have not got any chance to ride it a lot, so can not say much. Yet with that short period of time I can tell you that this bike power is just unbelievable, the most powerful bike I have ridden so far. Stay tune for more report for this one.



9 thoughts on “Whazz up? New helmet and riding the GSX-R..

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a dual sport helmet. I think it looks cool. But I dont think it’ll match my Monster.
    So I think I’ll wait till I switch to a Multi or something… πŸ™‚

    Yes, that’s bro Bona on the top picture riding his CBR600RR(?)

  2. Wew…
    2 Desmosedici RR in Indonesia?
    Why not have a test ride with any of them, then compare with the Gixer? πŸ˜€

    1. Love to do that.. but I will be scare to ride Desmosedici owned by other knowing that this bike got almost Rp 1.5M price tag!!

    1. Yup, and the DS helmet does pretty stable on high speed on road. I guess the aerodynamics of the helmet is good!

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