Bandung – Lembang offroad riding…


All right!! Lets do some off road stuff for a change. This was something new and I though this should be fun! My self and several friends did a short adventure ride off roading in West Java around the city of Bandung and Lembang. This was my first experience doing truly off road riding and I couldn’t remember when the last time I ride a trail bike. So this have to be fun!

Do check also a video clip of me crashing several time bellow 🙂


The excursion was arranged by “ACAY Motor”, an offroad/trail bike workshop in Bandung that owned by Frans Tanujaya. If you do not know Frans, he was our multiple national championship motorcrosser back in late 90 early 2000 so he should have known a thing or two about offroad riding.. 😉 Frans personally guide us for this trip with 2 of his staff, it was certainly an honour to have him accompanying us in this short trip.


Bandung was about 140 km south of Jakarta, so we left Jakarta early morning around 6AM hoping that we can start the offroad from Bandung around 9 AM – 10 AM. The plan was to ride offroad to Lembang, a small town north of Bandung. Bellow is the map that shows the route we take (blue line) to Lembang, and as you can see we were not taking the normal road.


Our first stop was a small resting place that only accessible by bike, I did not know for sure what the place called but it have a very nice view to the landscape down bellow. Check bellow pic of the place.


And they serve hot chocolate milk 🙂


For sure there was photo ops with this nice view.


I did record the way point on my MotionX GPS from where the above pic taken. It was in the middle of nowhere, see bellow 🙂


From there we continue to the north. It was raining the night before so the road condition was bad. Good thing we were escorted by expert that helps us along the way.


I certainly learn that it was way different riding offroad compare to riding a sport bike in normal road. From braking, applying gas, all different. I think I learn the hard way as I crash a lot! Not only crash but often also  stuck in the mud. But when we did stuck it was a photo ops.. 🙂


Where is the road..??


The pros show us how to ride it..


It was very tough, but when we managed to climb the muddy hills or cross the slippery path the feeling was very satisfying.


Our first brake on the way to late lunch at Lembang.


We arrived at Lembang around 2:30 PM and straight to the restaurant. Everything look delicious when you dead tired.


After lunch we continue to a place call “Puncak Polisi”, also a very nice spot for offroading.


Another photo ops for sure..


“Puncak Polisi” was the highest peak we rode that day with the altitude of 1,605 m above sea level. Bellow the point for “Puncak Polisi” at my GPS.


From there we continue to ride off roading some more before the group decided to return back to Bandung as it was already late.


With the hars condition of the road for sure there were problems with the bike, but Frans and his staff were always prepare and we never in trouble bike wise.


We arrived in Bandung around 7PM all very exhausted but very satisfied with today ride. Offroading turn out to be just as fun as riding onroad, this will certainly not be our last off road ride 🙂

If you are planning to do some off road riding in Bandung/West Java area do contact ACAY Motor +62 22 423 1216. They will happy to assist!

Last but not least, do check video clip bellow of the day ride.


16 thoughts on “Bandung – Lembang offroad riding…

  1. GREAT Stuff, Bona!

    Thanks for posting this up. Sure, you had a few falls, but you like you had a great time. It was a bit sticky there (8:40 in the video). Such lovely scenery around there though.

    I can think of more than one Aussie who’d love to come over there for some motorcycling!

  2. Wahaha… event the circuit man enter the dirt now.
    Look so much fun and exhausting.
    Like one say: when you had a very hard time, you know that you had a great adventure.
    thumbs up for the new adventure.

    Should done better for the pictures by the way, upgrade the camera (or lenses). 🙂

  3. So? get yourself a hypermotard and slap on some off-road wheels!
    That would be the first one-of-a-kind hyper-trial.. hehe

  4. Hi Bona,
    Looks like you and the guys had a great time on your off-road excursion in Java. Thanks for posting the blog, It is nice to see groups getting together in Indonesia for this kind of sport.
    Do you know where I can buy trials motorcycle in Indonesia (Gas Gas, Beta Motor, Sherco or Scorpa?) I am based in Batam but will travel anywhere Indonesia to collect bike.
    Thanks again for showing us your journey.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks, glad that you like my blog 🙂

      Wow, first time I heard about the trial bike you mentioned! I know KTM have their dealer in Indonesia, you can check but I’m not too sure about other brand such as GasGas, Sherco, etc.

      You can also visit Acay Motor in Bandung if you happen to visit the city, their address is at Jl Aceh 18,Babakan Ciamis, Bandung.
      Phone : 022-4231216, 022-4239549

      I hope you can find above info helpful.



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