The 4 Lakes of West Sumatra Ride 2009 – Part 3 (END)


The last day of the ride was a “leisure” ride around West Sumatra Province, or locally known as Ranah Minang – Minang Land. In this ride we had more riders joining in as well as more pillion passenger joining in Padang the capital city of West Sumatra. They are plenty of route to take in this rides yet the group decided to visit all the 4 lakes in West Sumatra in one day so the trip will take the route from Padang to the Twin Lake, to the Singakarak Lake and Maninjau Lake. We will finish the ride in Bukittinggi city as the end point of our 3 days ride.

Do check also video clip on this day ride bellow.

We rode to the east from Padang city, to the area of Indarung. From there the first stop was gas station as my fuel indicator was blikining just as we rode through the twisty road of Indarung.


See what I mean by “leisure” ride? Everybody just having fun and joking around since we left Padang city.


The road to the Twin Lake was one the highlight of the trip. The road condition is very good, they were minimum traffic and most of all the scenery just beautiful. With tea plantation to our left and right, hills, twisty road and in some point the view of the lake. Just magnificent.


We stop by in a vintage point facing Diatas Lake, check out bellow the Waypoint I created with my GPS. We arrived there around 10 AM and the weather were just perfect.


Off course group photo was in order.


One more please…. what a gorgeous day!


We then took a scenic ride by the lake, and you can certainly tell the group was enjoying them self… say cheeese!!!


For those of you enjoying photography, and there were some in the group, this area have plenty of  beautiful scenery and an opportunity to get beautiful picture. Bellow was picture taken from one the guys, soo nice.. 🙂


From Twin Lake, we rode north to the city of Solok. The road condition is OK, but quite narrow, again the traffic was almost non existence.


New episode of “Long Way Down” but with Ducati Multistrada… 🙂


And then to the lake of Singkarak. It was calm and serene when we got there.


I also recorded the WayPoint for my GPS.


For sure there was another group photo taken..


We rode by the lake, and again a very enjoyable ride.


With 3 lake down and 1 to go it was already pass noon. So next stop was lunch. For lunch we went to the city of Padang Panjang. Where a local food a famous padang satay, Sate Mak Syukur, reside. This was a must to eat if you ever visited Padang Panjang, it is a beef satay with a mix of coconut sauce and normally eaten with a square rice cake. We ate them over a banana leaf. Yum!


After lunch we rode around Padang Panjang, to the Anai Valley and then to Maninjau Lake. The last lake on the list. The road to Maninjau Lake was very twisty and quite narrow.


More narrow and twisty road..


As it was already quite late in the afternoon, the group decided to stop at Matur city in the area known as Embun Pagi. This place is a vintage point to the Maninjau lake down bellow. Picture bellow from Embun Pagi, it was already foggy and good thing we did not continue down to the lake.


We end the trip in the city of Bukittinggi, the second largest city in West Sumatra. After check in to the hotel we walk around the hotel and had dinner in the local restaurant near by. The guys took pic in front of the famous Jam Gadang, or big clock bellow.


The truck to take the bike bake to Jakarta also already arrived in the hotel, so with the bike loaded to the truck off to Jakarta the ride was officially ended.


The next day we took flight back to Jakarta, just before that the group took the last picture in Bukittinggi in front of Sianok Canyon bellow.


And last but not least, the video clip of that day ride..


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