Ipuh to Padang Ride 2009 – Part 2


After a good meals and a well deserve rest, the second leg of the trip was from Ipuh to Padang. About 350km (217 miles) of riding on Sumatra’s west coast. Considering the length as well as the road condition the group decided to start early, so before the day brake we had already hit the road for the longest section of the trip.

Check out also the video clip of the trip bellow…


The bike so far has been trouble free and I have been very-very happy with it. Ducati Multistrada is truly a multi road vehicle that is very enjoyable in a good road condition as well as doing semi off road if the road condition worsen.


We start our ride at exactly 5:23 AM and with sun rise around 6AM we have about 30 minutes of riding in the dark. Riding in the dark at dawn was actually quite enjoyable, fresh air, and the sun rise give a beautiful scenery for us to enjoy.


If the scenery was beautiful the road condition was the opposite. Plenty section of the road was totally turn in to dirt track. Some was due to mother nature and other was simply man ignorance, for me it was not that bad as I happily rode my Multistrada!! 🙂


Yet, this road condition did take it toll. Some of the group bike have its rim bent upon inspection when we reach Padang city. This road condition continue for some distance so the group just rode more carefully to avoid any unnecessary incident.


Our first stop was the city of Muko-muko in the north Bengkulu province. Just like Bengkulu city, Muko-muko also has a very nice stretch of white sandy beach. So it was time to take another group photo.


The beach was so nice in the morning so the group took plenty of picture in this stop, including my self.


Next stop was breakfast! And again it was Padang food. And it was again very delicious. I do not usually eat Padang food for break fast, but the spice they use in this region was simply irresistible!


See our table above when we finish! And by the way the guy in the picture did not eat all the food.. 🙂


Pass Muko-muko and getting close to West Sumatra province the road condition was getting better. They were some nice and twisty road that the group enjoy..



It was still 253 km (157 miles) to go..


Around noon we arrive in the small city by the beach of Kambang, where we stop for lunch and for some of us Moslem for Friday Pray.


Picture of the back of the restaurant bellow, it was very hot that day, and with the breeze of wind it was paradise in the shadow under the coconut tree…


The mosque not very far from the restaurant so some of us chose to use the local transportation to go there.. )


We continue further north with the coast in our left. Along the way we have no problem finding gas station, and just to be sure we always stop and fill our tank full when we found one.


Getting near Padang we rode through cliff and hills with some beautiful scenery. Bellow pic took from the hills near Painan city. Obviously most of the local are fishermen with their boat anchoring by the bay.


Bellow pic near Teluk Bayur, the Padang city port just south of the city.


We arrive in Padang in the afternoon around 5PM, it was quite a long journey and I did turn ON my iPhone MotionX GPS to track today trip.We rode 349 Km with 7 hrs and 30 minutes of riding time. Top speed about 150 kph (98 mph), that must be on the long stretch of stright near Muko-muko.


Check out the video clip highlight of day 1 and day 2 bellow, from Bengkulu City to Padang..


3 thoughts on “Ipuh to Padang Ride 2009 – Part 2

  1. very very amazing trip Mr Bona…
    bella Sumatera, Padang Risotto hmm delicious..
    i knew that Padang’s rice is hotter than Ducati hihihi.., and sometimes the resto can only serve very very hot water, no cold water at all

  2. Thanks bro… I guess the food is one of the highlight of the trip.. Not like “mild” Padang food they have in Jakarta. .:)

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