Riding 2 up with the significant other..

One of the main reason for getting the Multistrada is for 2 up riding. Yup, I intend to have frequent ride with the wife at the pillion seat. There just simply something romantic with couple riding a bike, you know with the closeness and such… 🙂

To be honest, I bit worried at first. With my relatively small frame (I am 163 cm or 5’4″) Multistrada is already a tall bike. It’s 85cm (33.5″) seat high is no means low to me. Riding just by my self I barely have one of my foot flat on the ground. If I lower both my feet I certainly tip toeing.

Now with that situation in mind let me share with you my first experience riding 2 up with the wife..:)

Above pic is not me and the wife. It was a pic I grab from Ducati web site but you get the picture. Just last Sunday morning we did our first 2 up riding around town together with the Multistrada. It was my self, the wife and two of our friend, but both of them ride solo. We started bit early in the morning and finish just about 11 AM so the traffic was minimum. All and all I guess about a good  40 km (25 mile).

The ride was not our first riding together, I had her on my pillion before but using smaller bike, a Honda Tiger and some other small cc bike,  which have much lower seat high. I also took her on my sold Ducati Monster but again it was a lower bike compare to the Multi.

Riding 2 up with the Multistrada I need to be more cautious, especially with upcoming road ahead and where I need to stop and lower my foot. I also try to avoid steep u-turn where I need to tip toeing frantically, thus I only let her on the pillion once I am sure I do not need to tip toeing that much.

I also let her know before taking her seat  that she need to tap my shoulder first so I can prepare. Stopping at the traffic light I also told her try not to move as much as I usually only lowered one of my foot to the ground waiting for the green light.

Now, riding 2 up with the Multi I found it much more enjoyable compare to the other bike I have experienced riding 2 up before, and surprisingly much easier! Say compare it say riding 2 up with my old Ducati Monster.

Once the Multi is on the move is a very-very stable bike even during a corner with some lean angle. My wife also find ride with the Multi more enjoyable. The pillion on the Multi is comfortable and she do not slide down as much and push my back whenever I brake. The Multi is simply the bike to choose if you plan for a 2 up ride.

So far the experience is very enjoyable and what important is that the wife likes it! With that I can be assured that hopefully we will ride many-many miles together in the future… And I like that very much!!!


11 thoughts on “Riding 2 up with the significant other..

  1. Nice….
    the bike looks great; makes me want to reconsider taking the other bike….
    Hopefully my wife can appreciate the bike when I get around to buy them.

  2. I’m still undecided on what type of bike to get next…

    buying a new house still the first priority; I’ll get my toys after… 😛

  3. Hmmm… I think no other Indonesian ducati riders ride 2 up more than me & my wife do 🙂
    So stay tuned for my ride update… But dont hold your breath since I’m not planning to upgrade my bike if I’m still stuck here 😦

  4. ^Eko… yup.. Two thumbs up for the Wijayanto’s hehehe 🙂

    Have you check out the all new 2010 Multistrada… hmmmm I see your name all over it.. 🙂

  5. Yup… I also could see my name all over the new multistrada.
    It’s just too bad my name isn’t on the price tag. hehehe

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