Multistrada 1000DS

Multistrada 1000DS

Engine: L Twin 2 Cyl, Desmodromic

Bore, Stroke: 94mm, 71.5mm

Displacement: 992cc

Compression Ratio: 10:1

Magneti Marelli Fuel Injection

Single Swing Arm

Ducati Performance Side Bag

7 thoughts on “Multistrada 1000DS

  1. McGregor..

    Nice eh..? I was using prime “Photoshop” lens.. hahaha

    No, I took the pic with my pocket digital cam and did some touch up with Photoshop, hence the nice bokeh pic 🙂


  2. Ouw… I should had guest it 😀
    the DOF is too even, and the bokeh is to smooth, unreal, but not sure since the picture is too small, haha… (making excuse)

    a nice Faux then 🙂

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