Race Report: National Championship Superbike/FFA 2009 Series 1

Nice picture above eh? That was me overtaking Ahmad Jayadi  (No 17) at Turn 2  Sentul.. Hahaha.. I wish!! The truth was that I being passed from the outside and being overlapped by him… Nice move Adi!

It is a new year with a new National Championship! I still contemplating weather to participate fully this year just like I did last year. Let just see how it goes. This year championship will be much tougher then last year, first is because we will start together with the SuperSport Championship that is full with professional riders and second is because the race will be 15 laps compare to 10 laps last year.

The race week went very well for me, but not the race week end. I managed to practice on Friday just before the race and manage to clock low 1:46. I was sure I can do better given more practice time, but with many riders participate that Friday that include small cc bike my best time was 1:46.

Several top riders from the top team also practice that day like Hendriansyah from ASH Motorsport. He was clocking 1:34.  Friday practice also I experienced being passed from the outside by Hendriansyah. I was surprise at first but I keep my speed and my line steady as Hendriansyah over took me on R4. Just a preview from the upcoming race I suppose.

Saturday QTT my target was to keep improving my time. And it was an exciting QTT. It was red flagged since fellow rider crash in S Kecil and spilled oil all over the place. My time was still 1:52. Just after the track re open I try to push more and manage to did 1:47.

The race day for sure was not a good day. I didn’t get good sleep the night before and the weather was just awful. Having only got 2 hrs of sleep I was sweating all day. The schedule also changed to accommodate the GP Mono race. Waiting on the grid before the start it was hot as hell!

Starting from the start it already went wrong, I did a bad start. I did not know for sure if I start in first gear or some how I slipped my clutch, yet people just pass me from right and left. As expected the top rider was very quick to the first turn. My self was way on the left trying to get good line coming to R1.

During race I was hold back behind a friend in Ducati 1098 superbike. And this bike is very-very fast on the straight. I managed to get close to him entering corner but get left behind again on the straight. It was very-very frustrating. Several time I tried to late brake him but did not manage to pass him. This happen for a few laps.

Another surprise for me was that I thought the race will be 12 laps, but turned out to be 15 laps! I was checking the lap board and it showed another 8 laps! Yikes! I though was 2 or 3 laps more! Then the faster rider was coming fast from behind. In this situation I though I had enough,  I was very-very tired and frustrated and decided to finish my race.

The race was won by Hendriansyah. And his fastest lap was 1:33.703. It was the fastest for any Indonesian in two wheels at Sentul. It was national lap record!

Above Hendriansyah (No 76) entering turn 1.

My best lap time for this race was 1:50, and I was very disappointed. I still have not decided if I will participate in the second series, let just see how it goes. For sure I need to improve my fitness if I want to finish the next race.



7 thoughts on “Race Report: National Championship Superbike/FFA 2009 Series 1

  1. Nice event bro. Hahaha… I also get frustated because of my engine problem while I already infront of the No.10 “1:47” rider. Well hope a better chance on the nex race.

    Btw the Ducati (Fun) Race which was held on the same event will be broadasted this Sunday.

    Make sure you stay tune,Minggu 8 Maret 2009 at TV One at 10.00 a.m (in the morning). Don’t miss it.. 😀

    “Ride in a touring, ride in a race track, ride in style, ride with us, have fun; welcome to the Ducati world.. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… if you decide not to continue with this year’s events, I’d like you to know that I’d be happy to help you out, warm up your bike & keep your bike clean from dust & cobwebs for the rest of the year.


    1. Eko,

      I think you miss my point… I said I may not participate for “Kejurnas Race”, but not track day! Hahahah…. For track day I wouldn’t miss it for anything.. hehehehe So sorry I will keep my bike warm and clean…

  3. @ above me

    no it also depends on Nyali, bigger bike has a bigger price tag … things that can make your lap time slower than the other smaller but cheaper bikes …

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