“Cracking Sentul”… END

After S Kecil, the next corner is a series of right and left chicane known locally as S Besar or turn 8 and turn 9. Following that series of turn is another series of turn of 10-11 and 12. Turn 8 to turn 12 is the most enjoyable part of Sentul for me, it is a series of long sweeping turn where you get your knee dragged the most 🙂

Above picture shows Turn 8 entry. My braking marker is about 150m, shift down from 4th to 3rd and just about No 16 post above I flipped the bike. Just before that I downshift again from 3rd to 2nd. Blipping the engine is very crucial to get the bike steady entering turn 8.

Above is the left turn 9. Entry to turn 9 also one favorite spot to overtake. If you can keep your entry speed high after turn 8; you can overtake just before turn 9 by exiting turn 8 wide, keep on the left and dive to turn 9. Yet this kind of move certainly need both skills and guts.

Checkout my picture above in turn 9. Nice eh? Just after turn 9 is the turn 10. Turn 10 is the first turn of the series of right hand turn 10-11-12. It is a big u turn, you lean all the way from end to end.  This is certainly the place where the joy of riding performance bike is at its peak!

My braking marker is about 120-130m, still bit far, yet for my current speed that spot is where I still dare to keep the gas on. Brake hard I down shifted to second while keeping my sight at the turn 10 apex. Once I hit the turn 10 apex I keep the bike run wide for turn 11. Bellow picture is Turn 11.

Pass turn 10, up shift to 3rd while cracking the gas nice and easy. Turn 11 should be taken wide. Just like the pro doing it, pass turn 11 is on gas all the way to turn 12. Mind you, the bike is still lean wide pass turn 12. Keep the gas on!!

At least home straight!

Another 1:47x time! I hope I can improve further this year, by one or two second and I will be happy!


3 thoughts on ““Cracking Sentul”… END

  1. hei bro..what i can do,for take sentul circuit on my ride?some body said;you must join on some motor club for can doit;are it s right? tq before

  2. ^Hi Bro 150 bRZO..

    Sentul is open for public. You don’t need to joint motor club just to ride at Sentul. If the circuit is open you can ride by paying entrance fee and wearing safety gear such as boot, full face helmet, glove, etc.

    But I do recommend for you to joint motor club that regularly do track day at Sentul..


  3. thanks a lot bro..so..where i can get some like..emmm schedule,payment for entrance..please share me info if you have bro..and..thanks very much broo…

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