“Cracking” Sentul Circuit… Part 2

Next is the infamous turn 3 or R3.  Infamous I say since this is one turn where several bad accident happen in Sentul. Both for two wheels and four wheels. A friend of mine badly injured when he crashed with Ducati Superbike in this very turn. I also had tasted the R3 asphalt when I highsided entering R3 early in 2008.

Just before entering R3 is the second longest straight in Sentul. So  the speed coming to R3 is about as fast as the speed coming to R1, but not like R1, right after R3 the dreaded -cement patch- and tight R4 awaits…

My braking marker for R3 is 200M. But not like R1 I brake when the 200M sign disappear from my sight. I also downshifted quickly from 5th to 3rd and wait until just about to flip the bike I downshifted again to 2nd. Before using 2nd gear entering R3 I always take 3rd entering R3 and downshifted to 2nd to enter R4. But nowadays I prefer all the way in 2nd for R3 and R4 and turns out my lap time also bit faster.

Entering R3 is very tricky. Since R3 is not a tight corner; many assumed they can carry faster speed in R3. But right after R3 you’ll see the very tight R4 awaits. And this is where the trick part is. Since you already lean in R3 and the distance between R3 and R4 is short applying more brake before R4 too aggressively will have dire consequences. Just like the pic above, a friend of mine in his Yamaha R6 crashed in R3 apex trying to regulate his speed before entering R4. He was OK and he was doing 1:42ish…

Above pic is R3 apex. My line is to get my knee on the right kerb above at the apex and exit all the way wide to the left of the track. With this I can see R4 clearly before entering the turn. The pro (means doing lap time bellow 1:40) usually approach R3 and R4 as one big hair pin. So they lean all the way from R3 to R4 while carrying more speed. For me I still have two separate turn since my speed is not fast enough to keep lean all the way to R4.

Above is R4. Tight right hand corner. Nothing special but it has big wide cement patch that bit intimidating, at least for the first timer. But no worry those white cement patch should be no problem to your tire grip.. 🙂


4 thoughts on ““Cracking” Sentul Circuit… Part 2

  1. the new cbr600rr got a new integral abs system, may be you can try to install it on your bike and give us more reports, thx..

    1. Thanks for the recommendation bro.. But I bet it will be expensive and from what I read ABS is more suitable for road riding, not track riding.

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