One fine Saturday….

Track video, camera facing forward was in my CBR, then we switched the camera facing to the back at Dyan’s bike. Two of my friend were using titanium knee slider and there were spark…!! Unfortunately when I uploaded to YouTube the video quality is bit low so the spark was not so obvious..

We were not targeting any lap time, just to have fun riding and trying to look good on the camera… It was a blast!!

Go to my friend’s blog for pics

2 thoughts on “One fine Saturday….

  1. I really enjoy reading ur blog,never had any interest in reading one but this one is different..
    please write more n upload more videos n pictures..
    just adding a lil bit, the scariest turn for me in sentul is R1 I feel like I might pee my pants hehehe
    I went to check you guys (R15 racing team) out last desember 08. You guys make my blood boiling again.. Havent ride much since ibu saya menyita R6 n KX125 saya digarasi,typical of mom. worrying so much. I just did one silly thing,touring 1500km by myself from where I work to home,she told me not to buy any toys no more,,but that day I came back home from work with new R6..well she got the key now.hahah. wups that was a long addition..
    cheers bapak bona

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