The final 2008 series…

The final race of 2008! I’m glad the series are over and I have fulfilled my target to participate fully in this year National Championship Superbike and Supersport Race. I’ve improved my lap time from 1:55 to 1:47 from the first series QTT to the last series race this year.  I still have no plan for next year, lets just see how it goes.

Since I got back to ride again in 2007 and participate fully in 2008 my sole and only intention is just to have “FUN”! And what a fun it was! All and all I did 8 races in 2008 (2 IndoPrix series) not including the Ducati’s fun race.

As the to last race I was happy. Though I did not improve my best lap time I was struggling to find my pace during the practice just a week before. I just could not make it bellow 1:50! I did not know what happen, I though I push and push but the pace was not there. I certainly did not blame the bike, hey I no racer and my riding ability is far bellow the bike capability 🙂

Perhaps it was the new paint on the fairing! It was just too good there no way I want to crash it hehehe.. Anyhow, finally during QTT I managed to do 1:47.

Just like the races before the front runner was way ahead. My self was in the slow group and some of us did fight for a position. For me was fight with Sandy on Yamaha R6.

Sandy is a faster rider then me. Yet he crashed months back and had not practiced since. So this race was his first after he got his bike fixed. Right after start Sandy collided with another rider and slowed down, he was OK yet I managed to pass him. I tried hard to be in front of him, but it was clear that in entering the S Kecil cichane I was slower than him.

He tried to over took me several time, but I manage to defend my position and closed the line. It was exhilarating!

The above pics when he trying to late brake on S Kecil entry.. Not so fast bro!! Hehehe

Sandy finally able to pass me on the fast left turn R2. Exiting turn R1 I was bit late on the gas and he overtook me entering R2. Just another area I need to work with! Keep the gas open all the way on R2!!!

I manage to keep my time in 1:47 range and as I said in the beginning I am happy 🙂



4 thoughts on “The final 2008 series…

  1. congrats on your result of the race.
    I guess the new paint job really did have an aerodynamic effect. heheheheh

    Btw, I met bro Edy at Bali on the weekend of the race. I guess he didnt participate the last series.
    And last weekend, hanging out with some ducs-guys at citos, we met the national champ, wondering by himself 🙂

  2. Thanks Troy… Just like Honda in F1 or Subaru in WRC; due to the economic situation perhaps next year I won’t participate fully… heheheh 🙂

    To Eko: Edy was in Bali for company outing.. you met Matteo?

  3. yup, last weekend at citos. He was wandering alone. Some ducati & vendetta guys were hanging out at coffee bean. So Matteo joined us

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