Bona’s CBR 09 edition fairing…

Checkout my 09 edition fairing! Nice eh.. 🙂

Well, I though I repainted my CBR’s fairing before the last Kejurnas Race in December ’08.. Who knows the new paint may give me a second or two..

The new livery is based on standard ’09 Honda CBR600RR. The new livery surely looks good and I have asked a friend of mine to paint my ’08 CBR based on this new livery.

Don’t be fooled with the headlight! Race bike does not have headlight, and so does mine. The head light is actually a digital print sticker. Nice touch eh…!! I originally want to have just black color on the headlight, but my friend suggested that we put headlight digital print on it. He was right! It surely looks awesome!

The paint job is superb. It was done by Performence Workshop located in Haji Nawi South Jakarta.

I also put less decals on this new paint. I guess too many decals is bit distracting, but perhaps I just haven’t find any good decals lately.

My first track time with the new bike my lap time was slower 2 second! Alamak!! Perhaps It just too good to be crashed! Haha…

Wait for next post for action pics!

Thanks for visiting my Blog.


10 thoughts on “Bona’s CBR 09 edition fairing…

  1. Hello,

    I’m searching the zero based map for the hrc cbr600 2009 model (or 2008) can you please mail it to me.?

  2. Hello there Stefaan,

    What do you mean by zero based map? Care to elaborate more? My CBR map setting was done by a friend of mine, I can ask it for you.


  3. Bonadjalins,
    I was really curious where you found those headlight decals? I’ve searched high and low and the closest thing I can find is from some company that only sells 03-06RR lights, you have the 07+ on yours correct? A link or number to the business where you sourced yours would be awesome, thanks and keep us posted!
    Scottwell, US

    1. Hi Scottwell,

      My friends print the decals him self at a print shop. With pics he found on the internet, some photoshoping and voila the headlight decals..

      Hope it helps. 🙂

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