For a country that sells about 5 millions (yup with six zeros) small cc bikes annually, small cc bike race is the premiere two wheels road racing in Indonesia. Small cc bike constitutes bellow 250 cc bikes (some says bellow 400cc) and it sells by million in Indonesia. The premiere race for this type of bike in Indonesia is the IndoPrix.

Got chance to see the race directly with my son, and it was intense! It was the fourth series and held in a Go Kart track in Sentul that known as Sirkuit Kecil Sentul.

I used to ride also in this circuit with my Suzuki Satria which is 150cc bike four stroke, and my best time was 1:09. The racer at this race using 125cc clocking 0:57, see the huge gap of skills there 😉

Major manufacturer that support this race is Yamaha and Suzuki. Somehow Honda as the other big three is not participating. With Honda have their own One Make Race for Honda bike only. The top tier team are Petronas Yamaha (the manufactur team of Yamaha), Umild Suzuki AHRS for Suzuki, Yamaha TDR and so forth. Some racer like M Fadly also participating in FIM AsianGP, the premiere 600cc SuperSport class in Asia.

Just like any other race at this scale, it was intense. The competition between racer is high and the stake is high. Check out the video bellow for the race.

The race comprises of 4 race, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each race is 110cc (commonly called MP1) and 125cc (MP2). For this round all 4 race were won by Hokky Krisdianto from Petronas Yamaha. Setting a final showdown for the next race in Kalimantan.

Despite its popularity in Indonesia, many sees that this type of race will not propel local racer/rider to the international level. As this type of race is using small cc “moped” or better know as “bebek” locally. It is not even a “proper” race bike like the 125cc bike of MotoGP or the RedBull MotoGP Rookies KTM bike. Thus Indoprix rider will not have gathered the “right” experience in riding race bike compare to those who compete in the smaller cc bike like 1255cc motoGP or KTM Red Bull.

Anyhow, as long as moped bikes sells by million in Indonesia, IndoPrix will still be the premiere class in Indonesia. This is the class which gets local manufacturer support and many sponsorhip. Eventhough its rider may or may not get stepping stone to a higher international class competition. And hey, it still a ton of fun to watch!!



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