Pics from the last race (5th series 08)

Some pics from the last race. I must say not all went sour on last week end race, some of the pics were good!! Fellow friend told me that I need to work on my body position, I think I will do just that and hopefully can further improve my time… Hmmm when will be the next track day.. can’t wait!

Check our more pics bellow..

Who was that on my tail! No 17! Ahmad Jayadi! Haha… if he was not on engine problem this will be the sight of me about getting over lap. But that was not the case 🙂

Hard on brake entering R10. My knee stuck out already. On third with the rev limiter led. Intense! Not like Rossi I only use my index and middle finger for braking. Do not forget the blipping!

Bit wide there…  Exiting S Besar my knee was not on the kerb.

Finishing the race… see ya in the 6th and last series!



9 thoughts on “Pics from the last race (5th series 08)

  1. ouww,….more faster than before,..congrats Sir
    Long Live Honda…heheheh Cb its the best right!
    see you soon on final race
    there will be many bike on 6 round sixth, im hope u’ll be numero uno Sir…

  2. Hi Bro Tyran,

    Many mag article shows that CBR600RR is more nimble and agile, but I cannot tell the different. I’ve tried GSX-R600 and R6, all are fantastic bike!

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