It was not a good weekend

Sigh… It was not a good week end for me during the 5th series of National Superbike Championship. Starting from Wednesday practice I was struggling to reach 1:47.. Obviously I bit disappointed with my lap time, unable to brake my best lap time of 1:47.2, perhaps too much information from the new books in the past months! Hehehe

QTT went uneventful, using my old set of tyre from the last race I only manage to hit1:48.3. The week before I was even struggling to go bellow 1:50.. I thought what the heck! What happen?

I honestly bit happy with the QTT results, manage to hit 1:48. My target for the race was to improve a second or two, and perhaps hit 1:46 for the first time during race.

Anyhow, it did not happen. I did not even go bellow 1:47, and I again was overlapped by the top three riders. But I manage to the first time overlap other rider in this race! Yay! The only good thing in this race.

I doing ok start, even pull infront much faster rider at R1. Yet he over took me again after R2.

The race went to Abel Arya, despite having the need to use spare engine he manage to get full points on this race. Also, we have new and young riders joining in, and boy they were fast! Adrian manage to lap 1:40 and Gogor 1:45. Considering that Adrian still in Junior High (SMP) he will improve further in the future.

Stay tune for pics!!


4 thoughts on “It was not a good weekend

  1. Hmmm… I think you need a break from circuit riding.
    Isn’t it about time you get yourself another street bike and ride with us again?

    I bet a fun, sunday morning ride with us will do the trick. Tensions gone, advanced-complicated riding techniques disappear (hehehe), and you’ll ride with no burden on the next series… :-p

  2. hmmm
    1.47 sec. i think this is very bad lap time, still slower than full modified 150 cc two stroke engine. i don’t know which part you must be improve..?
    young star adrian he record 1.40 the future will be bright if he can maintanance abd got a good mentor

  3. Yes, for most people 1:47 is a very bad lap time… Rossi’s time in 125cc two stroke in Sentul if I’m not mistaken is 1:36 during his race in 125cc class that he won back in 97. But for sure is bellow 1:40..

    Is the rider, not the bike.. hehehe

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