Mapping the CBR

Yup, the pic above is the 3D map of the fuel injection from my CBR. The graphic shows the RPM (Ne(r/min)), Throttle opening (TH(%)) and injection, the air-fuel, ratio (Fi(%)). I got this map from a friend that have intensive experience in mapping racing bike. So it is not my own mapping just yet, but this map can be as a reference point for me to modify it to my liking.

Caution, I have very minimum experience in setting fuel injection/mapping and I still learn as I go. So bare with me and do comments and correct me if I’m wrong.

The “Fi Map” above is to change the air-fuel ratio in a given RPM and Throttle opening. So for example at above pic at 6900 RPM, with 40% TH Position (perhaps this is when exiting S Kecil at Sentul Ciruit) the air-fuel ratio is about 3%. Say you want the engine to have more power exiting S Kecil without you change your TH Opening then you can decrease fuel duratio at this point and make the engine bit lean (CMIIW).

Above pic shows Fi at given TH Opening. Say at 0% as in above pic, or when throttle fully close, and at the RPM aroud 8000 RPM (this is when you just close throttle after a long straight – full RPM, ready to brake and down shift) the Fi is on the positive side.Β  If you want more engine braking, you can decrease the fuel duration (make it negative) at that point so the compression will be bit high to help with engine braking (CMIIW).

Above setting is to set idle RPM setting. It was 2600 RPM for idle, a bit high yet normal for a race bike.

Above setting is to set shift timing indicator, above the shift timing indicator will lid when I hit 15000 RPM.

As you see there are vast tweak and tune that can be done with the racing harness and ECU. And there are still more parameters available to work with. I will post more information as I get them…



5 thoughts on “Mapping the CBR

  1. For this you need data logger, and all track enviroment condition, air temperature, track temperature, barometric pressure.

    IMHO, the percentage above is from “base map” so it will altered original “base map” stored inside ECU, but not represent actual air-fuel ratio.


  2. To read the actual air-fuel ratio you will need AFR sensor. You can also log the result in data logging tools to read it after. So yes, for sure the map did not represent the actual air-fuel ratio.

    I use above map when I dyno the CBR last time, and with the result of the AFR’s Dyno one can relate the AFR reading with the adjustment you made in the map.

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