Dyno Report CBR600RR

Finally, I manage to get my ’08 CBR600RR dynoed. I took the CRB to Bintang Dyno Facility at Cibinong, and with several run the CBR produced 107HP at the rear wheel. Thanks to Pak Haji Dyan and Samuel that accompany me to the dyno facility and help me to get the CBR to the facility. Thanks also to fellow blogger bengkelsepedamotor.wordpress.com that have helped me to get better understanding about dyno testing.

From the July edition of SportRider magazine, stock CBR600RR produce 102HP@13,500RPM with max torque of 43.6@11,250RPM. Obviously the HRC kit that I have installed bump up the HP and torque figure and I think I’m quite happy with the result. About 5 HP more! hmm not too bad! 🙂

Above chart from one of the dyno run. It shows the HP and Torque. The AFR (Air to Fuell Ratio) also quite OK according to the dyno operator. Bit lean bellow 4K RPM but above 7K RPM it was OK about 13 and flat. Max torque measure was 48.86, again about 5 more above stock torque.

AFR or the Air Fuel Ratio shows if the bike is too rich (too much fuel) or too lean (too much air). I bit concern at first that the CBR perhaps was too rich after I installed the HRC’s kit, but according to the dyno it was quite the opposite. As the chart shows that it was bit lean on low RPM. Seeing the AFR chart I think I can rest assure that this bike will last for quite some times. And I still can re-map the CBR to make it bit lean for more power, but I think this setup should be ok for now.

Above chart was the Power over speed. Again the AFR was flat at 13. Bellow some clip during dyno testing.

This was my first time doing dyno test, and I tell you it was LOUD! Check out the youtube video bellow:

Well at the end as my friend Sam told me, the bike is a ok. Now the rider that need to get dyno..heheheh 🙂



19 thoughts on “Dyno Report CBR600RR

  1. I got myself dynoed last week, it turned out about 0.3HP, and maybe must add wiring to go to 0.5 HP because it was my body got dynoed hehe

  2. Wow, 5hp for wiring?? That’s a lot.
    Btw, do you have stock exhaust or an aftermarket one? They say exhaust system also add up a nice amount 🙂

    Maybe a supercharger to add 30% hp, then some NOS for an instant 50% boost, and you’ll easily zoom pass by a certain 1098s on the straight.

  3. @Eko,

    Not only wiring, I also use HARC full system exhaust. 5 HP is for current map, I can bump up bit more by remapping the ECU but the engine will be more lean (say AFR > 14)….

    Hey overtaking 1098s in the straight is not fun… heheheh much fun in the corner…

  4. Bravo Bro Bona…

    Surprised, Looks like they don’t use ear plug?

    I look at second video, wire at muffler is that AFR sniffer?
    Just be careful reading result will be different, by sensor location.

    @ekowd, yes that’s a lot if by reducing wiring weight you can gain more 5HP, he…he…he… just joke.


  5. Yes, the wire at muffler is the AFR sniffer.

    Hehehe.. you right, none use ear plug. I have to cover both my ear and only can stand three run inside the room. The noise is deafening! But the operator did not seem to bother.

  6. @5:

    As you said, the sound is deafening. The operator, assuming they’ve probably done those runs dozens of times, are probably deaf already. hehehehe

  7. Hi Bona,

    My name is Troy Siahaan. I’m an Indonesian American (both my parents are Indo, but I was born and raised in the US). I work for Sport Rider Magazine in America. I know that may sound strange to believe, but I promise this is not a lie. I really am Troy and I really do work for the magazine. Anyway, I have a question for you and would like to talk to you about a few things. Could you email me when you get a chance? I left my email in the comment box, but I’ll check your blog regularly for a reply in case you don’t get my email address. Thanks for keeping your blog in English (my parents didn’t bother to teach me bahasa Indonesia) it really helps!

    Talk soon,

  8. Hi Troy,

    Wow, thanks for visiting my blog (if you really-really are Troy of SportRider 😉 ). I do read SportRider and often wonder if Troy Siahaan is somehow from Indonesia. Siahaan is a common name from nothern part of Sumatra island or locally know as “Orang Batak”, I’m sure your folks will understand 🙂

    Anyhow, I’ll email you shortly..


  9. Yes, this is really Troy. And yes, I do know that my last name is common. My dad is Batak and my mom is Manado (I think I spelled that right?)

    Thanks for the email. We’ll talk soon.


  10. NICE…

    Bro Bona…

    IMHO, If the AFR reading is showing a little rich, don’t lean it instantly.. Caution must be make.. Coz dyno is in a room, and with static athmospheric presure.. And because CBR has a RAM AIR intake (i guess.. am i right?), by the time you run it on the circuit on the straight line at say 150kpj or more.. the air presure will rise and leaner your AFR..
    So if you lean the injection all the way, it might get to lean and can cause the engine to produse much heat which in turn, kills power..

  11. while we have Troy here,

    Troy, why doesn’t SR allow subscriptions from Indonesia?
    i’ve been waiting for ages to subscript but to no luck at all.

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