Superbike Kejurnas Race, 4th series

The 4th series of National Superbike/Supersport Championship. Yup, that was me on the podium 3rd place. 🙂  Not overall race winner off course, but on the novice category. Nevertheless the taste of podium stand holding the trophy was simply electric..

My time further improve to 1:47.672…

Still slower compare to my best time of 1:47.2 during practice but I still thrill to have officially recorded 1:47 during National Championship race. During QTT I clock 1:47.8 so overall lap time I should say I should be pretty comfortable on the 1:47 range.

I still bit dissapointed, though, that I still get overlapped. Matteo, the race winner, is clocking 1:36. Beside Matteo I also being overlapped by Abel (2nd place) and Jayadi (3rd place). I reckon for not to be overlapped I have to lap in the range of 1:44 – 1:45 I think I can do that and let make that as this year target.

To hit 1:45 I think I need to improve in S Kecil and S Besar chichane. During last week practice with a friend, Edy K, he easily overtook me during S Kecil entry, my speed was still too slow coming to the S Kecil. Our braking marker were the same, 200m, yet his rolling speed coming to S Kecil was much faster. The same with S Besar, entry speed was still not fast enough.

Anyhow, Sentul circuit will be closed for Ramadhan months and for some resurfacing works. So there will be no practice time for quite some time. For now let just enjoy the 1:47.. hmmmm who could have though I get from 2:13 during last year Ducati race to 1:47… 🙂



4 thoughts on “Superbike Kejurnas Race, 4th series

  1. Well, seeing how you’re really into this from the beginning, it’s no surprise for me.
    Heck, I wouldnt be surprised if you clocked 1:46 or even 1:45 on yesterday’s race 🙂

    Anyway, congrats on the podium, and your outstanding laptime.
    I’m having second thoughts on racing full season next year, since I’m way behind and will require one heck of an effort to catch up 😦

  2. Thanks Ko..

    You’ll catching up in no time once you practice regularly. All about practice and more practice. Also you have good riding background, not like me who started late. You’ll be clocking 40ish in no time .. trust me.

    Stay the corse.. see you in 2009 championship session.. 🙂

  3. Waagh… congratz Bro… !!!
    Dugggh… i think it will be hard for me, to overtake you Bro… !!! Skillz is never liez… 😀

    That was cool Bro. I give up and better just following you rather than try to hold infront of you next time… You are fast Man… and once you get the pace correctly, as you notice, there will be still some room of improvement available. So, 1.44 would not be so difficult any longger… Keep practicing and be there… 🙂

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