Bona’s bike blog 1 year anniversary….

How time flies… 🙂 Especially when you ride 200kph+…

August is the anniversary of my blog, or to be precise my motorcycle diary. Early in 2007 bike or motorcylce was not on my point of interest. How things change.

My office bought Honda Tiger for office use early in 2007. Tried it once afternoon after office hours and like the sensation right away. Ah, my last memory of riding motorcycle before that was during high school late in the 80s. Riding the brand new 150200 cc Honda Tiger Revo those fond high school memory rush back. It felt just right! Since that day I knew that I just got to have my own bike.

Getting my own bike was not easy. First the “permit” from my better half. That was tough, yet like my many other boyish request I did manage to get her blessing for this one, hmm, not a blessing just a simple nod combine with utter hopeless look she gave me every time I made a ridiculous request. 🙂 Ough yeahhh!!

Next was what bike!! I was not in to cruiser like Harley Davidson bike, yet I though I was too old for a sport bike. So my mind was set for so called naked bike or sport cruiser/touring bike. I like the Ducati’s Monster line so that was my first bike. The Ducati Monster S2R Model Year 2007.

Looking around at Ducati’s show room in Jakarta I did remember being asked about “C” driving license. And I did not have one! So off I went to get mine. My C driving license or riding license was dated May 12 2007. That was my first C driving license. Having own the C driving license I often brought the Honda Tiger back home and ride around town in the week end. What a blast!

With license from the wife and the government 🙂 my mind was set for the Ducati Monster S2R, and after paying the down payment I saw an advertisement at HTML, a Honda Tiger Internet Forum, about a Fun Race organized by the local Ducati dealer. Well this should be fun, and so I asked if I can joint the race. Well, not for long I simply hooked with riding motorcycle in the circuit…



15 thoughts on “Bona’s bike blog 1 year anniversary….

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I was just thinking…. wouldn’t it be great to celebrate the anniversary of your motorcycle diary blog with a NEW street bike??? hehehehe

  2. @Citra..

    Thanks.. corrected..

    For Didi and Eko, you can speculate all your want.. hmmm perhaps desmosedici.. heuhuhueheu.. 🙂

  3. @Stephen..

    My monster is with Triatmono, and my 996 is with JD. I’m waiting for Marco to return his bike to me.. huehuheheeee

    For track/sentul I use CBR600RR.

  4. Hi Bona,
    Congrats on the anniversary! I was wondering if there was any particular reason(s) why you picked the CBR600RR over other Ducs (e.g. 848 or 1098s/R) for your track bike? Pricing point is a factor of course, but is it performance considerations that made you decide on riding a CBR instead?
    Anyways, some good postings here, I enjoyed reading them… Keep it up – I am bookmarking this site!

  5. Hi there guest! 🙂

    Glad that you like my blog!

    I guess my main reason on picking the CBR was mainly cost. If cost is not an issue I think I will use 848 or the 1098. It is a track bike and as a track bike crash is inevitable. I crashed both in the Duc and in the CBR. My crash with the Duc burn hole in my wallet 😉

    The other reason was that I joint a local race club where most of the bikes there are 600cc inline 4, so it is easier -maintenance wise- to go with the Jap 600 cc inline 4.

  6. :-), “My crash with the Duc burn hole in my wallet ;-)” – I bet, parts are not cheap for Ducs. Well good luck with your “adventure”… I’ll come back from time to time to leave you a quick note… ;-). Ride safe!

    Have a great day!

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