Sentul lap video..

Checkout my video during the last track day. I was following Didi on his R6 at this video. The lap time was about 1:52 – 1:53, so not race pace for sure. I do learn a lot from the video, like at R2 in the beginning of this video, there was still a lot of space to apply throttle earlier and a bit more…

Next video is Didi’s video on R6 following my self bellow..

It was in the afternoon so the pic was bit dark.


Listen also to the exhaust noise, nice eh? Also a lot can be learn from the exhaust noise, like several time I up shift too quickly. And the blipping noise… hmm not too bad, my blipping is a ok!


9 thoughts on “Sentul lap video..

  1. I like watch this movie clip, coz this type of video, which I always see on youtube. How do you install the vid cam on the bike? What type of camera was it? Coz I have a plan to install it on my F150 for touring documentation….

    Btw….., I’ve heard the sound of your CBR on my PS2 games which called Tourist Trophy, and they are look alike. It really pounding your heart, listening that sound.

  2. Om Bona…thx for such a quick reply.

    Oo…., I have known this product a while ago. In fact I put their website on my bookmarks for reference. Can I actually order it from a local shop in here (jakarta), or should I order it abroad?
    Another thx, for any info’s.

  3. Wah Bon, seru juga ya video nya… Thanks banget ya. emang cluctch gue udah musti di ganti …. udah swering slip…

    BTW, it’s good man…

  4. in English, (forgot that u asked this in English man),

    It’s an exciting video eh, thanks a lot for putting mine in your blog. Sounds like i need to replace my clutch.. slipped all the time..

    Thanks man, it’s a good video..

  5. @kruegger..

    I bough the camera from the internet…


    Hueheh.. no problemo…. bahasa can… english also can… heheheh

  6. What? the R6 is in need of a clutch replacement?? And u asked ME to try it???
    What are u trying to do? Discourage me from getting a jap race bike?? So there’ll be less competition in the 2009 season???

    Oh well, I’m getting one anyway…. So beware!
    huahahahahahahaha (devilish laugh)

  7. @bona..
    Thanks, hehehehe, my english is really bad..

    the R6 clutch doesn”t really need a change for another month or so, you dont need to worry.. you can try it anytime.. and i have ordered a new one.. but, if you have decided to buy a new jap race bike, hehehehe, you dont need to try mine then… hehehehe.. coz mine is a very old one..

  8. @didi..

    “my english is really bad..” Again with the sandbagging!!! Please stop!!! 🙂


    All right!!!! s u in Sentul bro!! 🙂

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