Picture by Dany (danspeed) of Bikeart Magazine..

From the last Kejurnas Round III Race, I had my pictures taken by Dany from Bikeart Magazine (http://www.majalahbikeart.com). Checkout the graphics art by him above.. that picture will be framed in A3 size for sure.. 🙂

Not only that his pictures are very-very good but also give you an opportunity to see your own posture riding performance bike. Thus you can learn from the pics. Just like the following pics.


Above pic, coming out of S Kecil chichane. The knee down naturally, half butt hanging off, both elbow down in relax position.. hmm.. I like. S Kecil is one of the toughest and most technical part in Sentul Circuit. Though many consider them slow chichane, but a lot of drama happening here. Coming to S Kecil max throttle in 5th, you brake hard to 2nd just before entering the first turn to the right. You brake too much you lost a lot of time, you brake too little no way you can negotiate the chichane exit.

The above pic shows that I have comfortable negotiating S Kecil with considerable speed. Speed too slow in S Kecil no way you can have your knee down exiting the chichane.

Above was in R2. Pinned down, the fastest corner in Sentul Circuit. For me now the scariest corner in Sentul. Much faster then the famous R1. The runout area is not as big as R1, the wall is much closer, with you much faster. Exiting R1 properly I can get 175kph+ exiting R2 with knee dragged at R2’s apex. I still need to learn at R2, not only because it’s speed, but also to gain much quicker lap time if you are faster in R2.

Another pic above at R4. I like the above pic. Very-very sharp. Shows the quality of Dany’s work. I look relax also, key to fast lap time. See my left elbow? I practically hugging the tank. Need to push a bit at next track day at this section.



7 thoughts on “Picture by Dany (danspeed) of Bikeart Magazine..

  1. Your laptime is not good enuoght for the CBR600R, maybe u have to see motogp sentul 97………U can learn something from that……………my laptime for YZF-R6 with a racing ECU……..is playing around 1 minute 47 second…..

  2. Hi there Raditz_Sentul_underground…

    Wow, pretty long screen name.. hehehhe

    You got that right, my time is still very bad, and that is not due to the bike, it is the rider that is slow… heuhehehhee. Yup, I saw the 97 SBK, they were doing 1:27!! Fantastic lap time considering that at that year the bike was still 750cc with carb…!!

    Are you still riding your R6 in Sentul?

  3. WadUw FotOnya siNg CiaMik TeNan Yoo…
    pAsti fOtOgrAferNy udAh yG pRofeSioNaL niyh…
    oK.. MaJu teRus dAnspeed

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