Round III Kejurnas Superbike Race (July 6th 2008)

The third round of National Superbike and Supersport Championship. I am very happy with the results as my lap time was further improved. My best lap time is 1:48.681. But I am happier the most since I managed to keep most of my lap time during the race in under 1:50. 

Not many participants for this round with only 14 starter with most of them are fast rider. Some key points taken from the race.

Clutchless upshift

Yup. I tried it, and I must say this one is key for quick upshift. I have been practicing with clutchless upshift since Friday free practice and I am sure it cut my lap time for fraction for a second for sure. Clutchless upshift is normal at performance riding. If you see an on-board cam in MotoGP or superbike you’ll notice that the rider does not pull the clutch lever during upshift, they upshift without pulling the clutch lever.

As I have reversed my gear shift pattern, I simply push the gear lever and the bike gear will upshift without even the need to pull the clutcth lever.

Maintain throttle mid corner

I almost crash twice this race! Exiting S Kecil and Mid Corner S Besar. Some scary shite.. Phew! Come to think of it all were due to not maintaining throttle mid corner. When trying to push for a better lap time, sometimes you felt that you were too fast coming to a corner. Yet once you have committed for certain speed coming to a corner don’t try to regulate the speed by abruptly closing the throttle. It might upset the chassis and throw you from the bike. Not very nice.

Exiting S Besar I thought that I was too fast mid corner. The reality was that the bike can handle it, but your mind don’t. I was closing the throttle mid corner hoping to reduce the speed, yet what I got was the bike shook left and right. Closing the throttle mid corner will simply make the bike lost balance and can causing a painful low side or worse.

More report and pics coming soon, as for now I look forward for more track day practice, and stay tune for performance upgrade for the CBR!!


7 thoughts on “Round III Kejurnas Superbike Race (July 6th 2008)

  1. Congrats bro! Improved average lap time, new shifting technique, upcoming updrades… you’re really moving forward!

    I managed to stop by sentul around 3PM yesterday, after attending a wedding in ciawi. But most of riders had left. So I head on home after meeting with some other friends

  2. Wuih… Mantaff… That was a very good result Bon. Contratulation !!

    I guess, once you get settle on that region, you will then find some more room for further improvement.

    Hm.. I will have a big problem racing with you and Didi and left behind on the next race… 🙂

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