Long time no gaz…

Almost three weeks! I have been itching to ride my bike since the last race at Indoprix. Sentul Circuit was under repair and just open yesterday (June 1st). I was eager to get back on my bike and after checking and moving other “less” important schedule (hehehe) I managed to squeeze in a track day this Wednesday.

My take on the new repaired track…

Today track day was only my self, the IMI Racing Academy folks and several small cc bikes. Circuit Sentul kecil (gokart) also open now for small cc bike and a friend practiced there also. There also some changes in the track time. Before morning is for bike and afternoon for car. But now bike and car will take turn with one hour slot time. So bike can use the track in the afternoon and car can use the track in the morning.

There are new patch at track. Both asphalt and cement. The new asphalt is very obvious at straight before R3. Looks very shiny and slippery. Just when you need to brake hard after the straight this new and shiny asphalt shows up. It does intimidate you a bit. Pak Haji Dyan confirm that he slide left and right at this new asphalt.

New cement patch exiting R5. Cement patch is notoriously slippery brand new. Since there were a lot of cement dust from the dried cement. R5 you take it pin down,  having the long white patch will take your concentration for sure. Further more, the cement patch ended just about you need to brake for S Kecil. Other part that get repaired, also entering R10, the home straight and several  places as well. Some new paints also for the kerb and the white line.

My lap time was 1:50, and tried to keep it at that range. Just want to make sure I confortable at that lap time before try to push it for more. This weekend will be the 3rd Kejurnas for Superbike, next Friday will be the free practice. I plan to participate and hopefully I can improve my lap time.



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