Kneedown pics…

Not much to blog for the past days/week. The second round of Kerjurnas race was not very “exciting”. My lap time did not improve and as a matter of fact I bit disappointed with the results. I hit 1:48.x during free practice but couldn’t repeat that during QTT and race. But at least some of the pics of me during the race were quite nice. Especially the knee down pics.. hope you enjoy it as much as I do… 🙂

My fav pic… At the apex of R4. Not officially a kneedown but my knee was right on the top of the kerb. Hitting the apex on the shortest possible path.

Above was not taken during the race week. But I like this pic since it shows the “relax” posture mid corner. Elbow down, torso close to the tank.

Now the above was not so “photogenic” heheh.. My upper body some time still not close enough to the tank. The knee was down all right but not to good to look at.

Exiting R4. On the throttle already. The bike will run wide as its exiting the corner and pick up speed quickly. I can do about 125kph exiting R4 in a good day..

From the front… nice eh.. 🙂

Apologyze for being bit narcistic.. heheheh



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