Just to update about the FIM Asian Race series 2 at Sentul International Circuit last week end. I’ve got opportunity to see the race from several vantage points. At R1, R2, R3 and R4, S Besar and at the last R10-11-12 double apex corner. And to see the front runner sliding and shaking the rear tyre was just simply intense and literally frightening.

Some of the big news during the last series from me are as follows..

1. The lap record is 1:32!!

Shattered was the previous lap time of 1:33. Ahmad Fuad and Chalermpol both broke that lap time by clocking 1:32.6 and 1:32.9 at Race1. I tell you, watching them riding the Yamaha R6 was simply amazing. Some observation watching them at several corner were the following:

Turn R1, the first turn, they were using 4th gear! Several of us watching at R1 try to listen how many down shift the front runner were doing entering R1. And some of us really heard they were only doing down shift twice on the entry to the first turn. Which means from 6th down to 4th when turning in R1. 4th gear in R1!! Wow..

Turn R3 and R4, entry with 3rd gear and just before R4 move to 2nd.

Entering S Kecil with 3rd.. The rear tire slide to the left just about to enter the S Kecil. Simply amazing!

Entering S Besar with 3rd.. We are talking about 140kph+ here!!

Entering R10-11-12 in 3rd, just before R12 in 4th. 6th on the mid of home straigt! Can you imagine the speed different 6th when most of other rider still in 5th!!

It was an eye opening, and just tell you that the like of Ahmad Fuad, Chalermpol, really-really have big balls!! 🙂

2. GO IMI Racing Academy!!

Hat off to Chairil and Satria from IMI Racing academy. Especially Satria, he was clocking 1:36 with standard CBR 600 RR! Look at him in the future… equipped with a much competitive bike this “boy” will certainly on the front runner!!

3. Get well soon Haji Dyan!

After 5 year of crash free at Sentul, the guru finally test the tarmac of Sentul. No pun intended. Haji Dyan clocking 1:37 when he low sided exiting S Besar. He was ok, but with a fracture leg. He cannot race the next day, but I wish a speedy recovery!!!



6 thoughts on “FIM ASIAN GP Series 2

  1. hope fully better to Haji Dyan,…i just got know this from U Sir…ill check him soon.
    then wow..what an amaze. that the first corner u check their down shifting, i must be check it too yesterday….mustbe very crazy….just 2 down shifting..
    their engine screaming just like F-16, do u hear that Sir?
    very high on street line…
    u re the Man Sir…the brave one with the big 600 bike…wouvvv!!!
    its difficult too to shoot u in frame on the corner…fantastiss…beginer but sliding with knee down…salute
    keep faster and be safe

  2. I can imagine what was going on out there … tnx for the curiosity you’ve been displaying so far. for many of us, being a spectator and a practicioner at the same time is a big deal… you handle it with ease and bring all joy to the indonesian motor sport fans like me…

    Meanwhile, i didn’t hear any of Jayadi. was he absent or get some sort of problems?

  3. @Ilham..

    Glad you like the posting…

    Jayadi did not do very well. Among Indonesian front runner rider I impressed with Hendriansyah the most. There were 3 way fight between Hendriansyah, Fadli and Jayadi during the first race. Hendriansyah upfront with Fadli being the last among the three.

    Need more work for Indonesian rider if they would like to close the gap with A Fuad or Chalermpol…

  4. @bonadjalins
    Dear bro..
    i want to know more detail about Chairil (aceh) and Satria (Pondok Gede, Bekasi).thanks.

  5. @dramholic..

    Well not much info I have about Chairil and Satria. They are now both under IMI Racing Academy. If I’m not mistaken Chairil is 20 yo and Satria 16 yo. They practice almost everyday in Sentul cirucit. They also lived near by Sentul provided by IMI Racing Academy…

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