3rd Place.. Indoprix Supersport Novice 600cc…

My first podium finish, 3rd, in the heavily contested Supersport 600cc class. I was in the novice category. I couldn’t be happier! The Supersport class is the supporting race at Indoprix – May 18th 2008, a premier road race in Indonesia for 110cc and 125cc bike. I did not improve my lap time though, still in 1:50 for both QTT and the race.

I guess a bit of luck made me in the podium finish, as not as many racer participate and some got technical problem, still I am happy with the result eventhough my lap time did not improve 🙂.

Only 14 rider participated on the race, with only 13 starter. One of the rider, Edy, had brake problem that made him unable to start. I started from grid 6 on the second row. The Superbike and Supersport class were in the same race so we were started together with the litter bike.

I did an OK start. My best start If I can recall. But on my right, Didi on grid 7, did a much better start. He overtook me entering the first corner. I overtook several faster rider during start, too bad, they overtook me again after several laps.

I did try to get close to Didi on the begining of the race with Gabriel, a much faster rider, closing in my back. Yet Didi was just too fast for me and soon Gabriel also overtook me. For several laps I maintain lap time of 1:51. Yet I couldn’t get close the rider in front.

The race was 10 laps, and phew, I tell you just after lap 6 I was exhausted. It felt like forever! Trying to keep your concentration at the highest level all the time was tough. I did made mistake nearing the end of the race. I enter the S Kecil chichane with one gear too low. S Kecil should be in 2nd gear, but somehow I enter it in the first gear. The engine scream like hell with the rear tyre hopping like mad. Just after that, Mosal on the GSX-1000 (bike no 7) able to get close to me and over took me on the home straight. Wow.. the speed of the GSX-1000 is just not match the CBR600RR. He passed me like I was just stands still!!

Above the race results… Need more practice… Next shall be the Kejurnas at the end of the May!


6 thoughts on “3rd Place.. Indoprix Supersport Novice 600cc…

  1. Congrats !

    eh yang mana ya yang mau dikasi congrats, you or paketu ? 😆

    but, its a great achievments, next time you should e inthe first place !!!

  2. 3rd win is a win, no matter what the situation is. you–and your team–made a good job there and #3 wasn’t bad at all. you should be very proud of that performance, otherwise somebody will punish u in the next event/race… imagine that you had a better run and concentration, u would have got the higher position at the end of the day. i bet you are improving a few years to come…

    btw, i’m downloading the pics… they’re awesome

  3. Thank you bro… 🙂

    I do hope to improve my lap time, but not like those “hantu-hantu” that clocking bellow 1:45 hehehe…

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