1:49″70.. Yay! 1:5x no more!!

Wow… just when I write about to break 1:50 it happened! During the track day for preparation for Indoprix race I clocked 1:49″70! I tell you, I did not expect to break 1:50 so soon. Check out the pics of my lap timer, 1:56 then 1:53 then 1:49! And I did maintain the next lap with 1:50!

It was my second round during practice. It was smooth, the CBR perform very well, and I did not push the bike as I used to try to have a good lap time. It was a relax ride. Perhaps it is true, that you fast when you relax. When I got back to pit, I did not check my lap time. Thinking that this will be just another 1:53-1:55 round. But my mechanic told me after checking the lap time that did clock 1:49! Wow.. I almost did not believe him!

Evaluating the last round, I do believe that the improve time was the result in turn R1 and R2. Perhaps also in S Besar chichane. But entering R1 I did brake much smoothly and tried to maintain the rolling speed. Bit scary at first, but once you downshift to 3rd and the rear wheel did not shake you are ok already. Turn R2 also one of the key area. Entering R2 I applied throttle and maintain them during the apex. 14K RPM during R2. Awesome!!

Well.. let just try to make 1:49 a relax lap for now and see how it goes..



9 thoughts on “1:49″70.. Yay! 1:5x no more!!

  1. wiiii… congratz ya Bro… !!!
    At least you can set new record for yourself.. under 1:50′ …. !!! 😀

  2. Congrats bro. Finally, a result of your efforts. A well-deserved accomplishment.

    Maybe a birthday present for yourself?! hehehehe
    Happy birthday, bro!

    Others celebrate their birthday with parties, this guy with a session at the track. ck…ck..ck…

  3. I guess it is part of the birthday present ya… Hahaha

    I was there on the same track on that day and yes, Bona ride a lot more smoothly and he is dam fast….!! I can’t ever get closer…

    Happy birth Day and contratulation Bon. 🙂

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