The quest for 1:49…

The allure of 1 minutes fourty something second… Well, I come a long way it almost a year since my first track day. From my first official time of 2:13 during Fun Race to my 1:53 during Kejurnas Seri 1. The end of last year I set a personal goal of 1:55 at this post. I achieved that lap time early this year, report at this post.

My unofficial lap time during the time I write this post is about 1:50 – 1:52 ish. So damn close to the 1:4x.. Well perhaps that should be this year target. To brake 1:49..

I have my share of crashes, of course, you can read them at Crash Report. I hate to crash, it set you back for a while. For sure I am not Jorge Lorenzo, it took me several weeks to build my confidence after a crash. Yet the need for speed just to great to push a side. The feeling of your knee dragged on the tarmac, and the rush of 15K rpm screaming under you is just too much to ignore.. hehe 🙂

Still I have no intention to be a pro or to have a lap time under 1:40. The front runner in our club is clocking 1:36, and for that I admire them.  They trained hard to achieve that lap time. Not that I do not want to train hard, but I think my nerve cell is bit different with them.  🙂

To get bellow 1:50 is simple. You twist the throttle more and squeeze the brake less. In practice damn hard to apply. But that exactly what I want to try. For what ever reason I am still not reaching the red line on the throttle side. I get red line sometimes, but that usually due to down shifting not when accelerate exiting a corner. Some how I will upshift when the rpm reach 13K, need to push is more up to 15K and let see how it goes.

I also brake a bit more. Quite apparent at Sentul R1. When I reached the flipping point at R1 some time it just got too slow I need to apply gaz a bit. Let just apply brake more smoothly and try to have much faster corner entry speed.

Let just see how it goes and I will post the result..





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