FIM Asian GP Race Series 1st

The FIMASIAN GP, the most prestigious two wheel road race in Indonesia to date. With team participant from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. I heard race team from Australia will also joint soon. Team from Indonesia are Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Indonesia, Suzuki IRC U Mild AHRS, Suzuki Evalube, Suzuki Denso, and off course the privateer team of R15.

Since this was the only way for us in Indonesia to see the best Supersport rider in Asia battling it out in Sentul tarmac, it was the time best to observed and learnt. Check out some of the pics I took during the free practice, QTT and race. Intense!!

Decha Kraisart high speed crash at R1. Only on the second lap, perhaps the tire still not warm enough. Too bad for him as he got injured at this crash and could not race and defended his title.

The camera is a friend Nikon D300 with 400mm lense.

Matteo from R15 at R2. For me the most scariest turn in Sentul. The high speed R2. Full throttle coming out of R1 and keep it pined down. They must doing it at 180+kph at this corner. For the FIM ASIAN GP, the lap time for the front runner was 1’33”  phew…!!

The new team for this year Sentul race. Kawasaki AFY Team from Malaysia, trailing Pak Haji Dyan (71) and Thomas (27). Nice green!!

Some more green team. They still learning the track. The team led by Ahmad Zamani Baharu (MAS) that was the champion several years ago at this circuit. He then moved to Kawasaki.

This how you should do it at S Besar. Inagaki from Babie’s Sport Racing.

Or like this… Chalermpol of Thailand from Petronas team Thailand.

The title contender… Hamaguchi of Japan.

Local hero, M Fadli and Rafid Poppy (77). Fadli (162) is the champion for the second race.

Ahmad Zamani being trailed by Pak Haji Dyan (71) of IMI Racing Academy.

Eddy from R15. Using a not competitive bike but still ride in style!!

Text book perfection…. look at that… This how you should do it. Dyan (71) from IMI Racing Academy at turn 10.

Another privater, Rony of R15.

Matteo, currently the top rider from R15 after the 1st series.

Yustinus, 4th gear, exiting turn 12.

The start of Race 1. Check out the crash in the background.

Battling it out coming out of R1.

Arie 88 for R15. Chasing the green…

Jayadi(17) battle it out with Fadli.

Hendriansyah (76)..

Sudarmono (54) a new star!! His first try of the SuperSport class. Too bad he got engine failure. Look at him at the next race. A real contender. He wast fastest during the first free practice.









5 thoughts on “FIM Asian GP Race Series 1st

  1. Woooiii.. nice picture Bro… !!! 😀
    Myabe i have to buy that tele 400mm… i use a standard DSLR… not enough to take a great picture… !!! Anyway, i post some pictures at Vendetta Blogs… including your picture Bon.. !!! 😀

  2. Wow, love the photo’s!!

    Do you have the dates, or know of a website with dates for the FIM Asian GP for 2009??



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