Superbike and Superstock Championship 2008

From Spain to Sentul! Yup, I intend to participate in the national Superbike Championship the full series. In 2007 I participated twice, and I guess I got bite by the bug. The 2008 series, just like the 2007, will have 6 races. The first series was held last 5 and 6 of April 2008. And I participated at the Superbike (FFA) and the Superstock race.

No, I did not intend to race profesionally. Way too old already. My main goals are to be a better rider by improving my lap time and simply to have fun with the guys! I tell you, nothing beat the adrenalin rush of waiting at the starting line for that red ligth turn into green. 🙂

As I just returned from Spain tour, there were minimum practice time. Not too mentioned office work that has piled up while I went on tour. The race, as always, start with Friday Free Practice session, Saturday QTT and Monday Race. I also participated at the new class of Superstock 600, thus I will have two races on Sunday race day. Two races mean more track time.. yay!!

Saturday QTT went OK. Nothing special. My lap time still in the 1’55” ish for the Superbike and 1’53” for the Superstock. That will give me about the fourth row of the starting line up. Some picture of the QTT bellow, check out Gabriel’s crash while fighting with Andry “Haji Gile” Cahya (45).


Fortunatelly the damage was not significant, Gabriel still continue to race the next day. Salute for him!

Sunday race was like a big family reunion. Yet on the track it was crunch time!

For the morning Superbike race, I did a horrible start. I have several rider past me during start!! My CBR600RR simply do not match the immense torque of Ducati superbike and other litter bike. This is a Superbike and free for all class. So Supersport 600cc bike is up againts the litter bike.

I did catching up, and overtook several rider that had passed my during start. Oh the joy of overtaking the bike that have more power than you!

The race result for me was quite satisfying, I did improve my official lap time. Official results bellow:

I was 17 out of 27 riders.. not bad at all.. 🙂 The key here is to keep improving, I did reached my personal goal of 1’55” this year. Perhaps next target will be 1’49”. Hopefully that can be achieved as well.  As for now more race pics.. nice eh..

The afternoon race for Superstock 600 got canceled due to heavy rain. So nothing from that race..

The next series shall be in May… I’ll post again at that date.

One last note, a close frind have a horrible accident during the Superbike race. He suffered quite badly, and may take a while for him to ride again. My though and prayer for him. Get well soon Amos!!



11 thoughts on “Superbike and Superstock Championship 2008

  1. your fans…???


    no no no..
    don’t be angry…

    no, i’m just soneone who…..
    (humm… ho tu spell in english yak…)

  2. @stoner27..

    Hey its not the bike, but the rider.. 🙂

    Also, just to let you know the monster sold already!!

  3. yeah just realized that a moment ago…
    aaaah, that actually hurts man! (not kidding)
    well, at least I know where it’s at now… hehe
    maybe when I’m good and ready I’ll talk to Rudi hehe..

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