Spain Ride Report Day 7 – END

The last day of riding, we will ride from Guadalupe to Toledo and finish our trip in Madrid. The weather was bit hot, almost like riding in Jakarta, especially from Toledo to Madrid. All and all was about 2000km+ or riding. We left the bike in Madrid, and the next day we took a flight to Barcelona and return back to Jakarta.

More pictures taken by Manfred,

Say cheese…

After a week riding in Spain’s twisty road the group has been an expert of counter steering… πŸ™‚

We break in a small city on the way to Madrid. Very quite Little town..

We reached Toledo by mid day..

In Toledo, one of the bike ride by Genthur had a bit of a problem with the clucth. Fortunatelly not a major one, and we continue to ride.

Lunch at Restaurante Los Cigarrales at Toledo.

Check out my helmet, full of bug.. The hotter the temperature the more bug there was.. The crack visor was because I dropped the helmet on the second day, did not bother me at all. But the bug did… πŸ™‚

One last pic of the ride…

We reached Madrid at 16:38 local time, after about 2023km ride from Barcelona.Β  What a ride!!

We left the bike at Iberian Motor Tour shop in Madrid.

My trusty ride.. BMW K1200R..

Play some music while waiting at the Iberian Motor Tour..

Check out the Iberian Motor Tours web site for more info about the company..

Well, it has been a blast! The trip, the view, the food, the companion, the road, the rides were all unforgettable. Many thanks to our tour leader, Manfred, which his main job was to ensure that this group of Indonesia rider were all happy! Well.. job well done! Manfred company is mf-tours GmbH. Do visit his web site at

See you in 2009, I heard Munich to Monaco tour was a nice one!!!!




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