Spain Ride Report Day 6

The sixth day, and the trip just getting better! About 1,500 km already and this day we will ride from Cordoba to Guadalupe in Extremadura. From one historic place to another historic place. We start the day by visiting the cathedral of Mezquita de Cordoba.

As the Mezquita very near our hotel, we simply walk to the site after breakfast. But before that we prep the bike for today ride. The weather was bit cloudy with some possibility of rain.

Yours trully in front of the Mezuita’s gate. Checkout the arabic letter, it was the second largest mosque during the Umayyad caliphat.

Inside the Mezquitta, it is now the main church of the diocese of Cordoba in Spain.

Before we left Cordoba, we also visisted BMW Motorrad shop.. Hehe… still need to see some more bikes..!!

We left Cordoba about 11ish AM, again another enjoyable and twisty road of Spain.

We stop by for a lunch along the way. Meat was on the menu… hmmm

Look at that medium cook steak! Hmmmm..

Need extra energy riding in Spain’s twisty road!

Lonely rider…

Next stop was the castle on top of the hill. I did not recall the castle name, but it simply beautiful.

Group photo at the castle..

Need more zoom you say?

Look at the view… breathtaking!

Me at the castle..

The guys were getting crazier every day…. heheheh.. perhaps too much wine and el cerdo..

We finish the day at the city of Guadalupe. We arrived there in the afternoon, and we stayed at this monastery in the city. It is indeed a very historic place.

The day ended, as always, with a group dinner..



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