Spain Ride Report Day 5

From the coast to the mountain top. See the white top on the background of the pic above? That was one of the day destination. We left Guadix early morning, we passed Granada, to the snowy moutain top, and finish the day at the old city of Cordoba.

The tranquil morning at our hotel in Guadix. Surreal. The only thing I do not like about the place it just way too cold for my tropic skin.

Another look of our hotel, it is common in Guadix area to have home under the ground like our hotel.

All right, off we go for the 5th day of the tour.

As always, the road is twisty, the weather was just nice, and the traffic was empty. Another riding heaven in Spain.  As we ride to the top of the mountain the temperature drop even further. Manfred informed us to wear all of our winter gear, as today will be the coldest area we go.

First morning break, hot chocholate was never taste this good. The temperatue might be low, but the group spirit was alyways high. Joking all the time whenever possible.

Dyan and Inge in yellow suite. Almost getting his knee down in this curve!!

Check out the Youtube video bellow:


Finally we reached the top!!

And what a group of tropical tourist do when they see snow?

Another group pic. Damn that was cold!!

We continue with our trip. More twisty road along the way. Counter steering practice all the time!


More video in today journey.


We stop by in this small town on the way to Cordoba. Very quite little town, we rested at its train station that was converted in to a small shop that sells anything in olive oil.


We finally reach Cordoba. A very historic place indeed. Our hotel is adjacent with the Mezquita de Cordoba, or the Mosque of Cordoba. You want to know more about this historical place, click here.

After check in the hotel we walk around this historic town. We will visit the Mezquita tomorrow. Right after dinner, several of us check out the traditional music and dance of Flamenco..

We will have pack day towmorrow exploring Cordoba. That concludes the fifth day.






2 thoughts on “Spain Ride Report Day 5

  1. You have to bring winter gears too? On those ‘tiny’ bags???
    I dont think my gears & clothes wont fit at all since I’m a few sizes above yours, hence more fabric. hehehehe

    Sure… they can have underground houses. They dont need to worry about heavy rain, deforestation & landslides… :-p

  2. @Eko..

    It is all about “smart packing”. Some of us ride with passenger, and need to bring 2 sets of gear. All pack in the same size bag.

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