Spain Ride Report Day 4

Spain is the mecca for motorcycle road race. The home of DORNA, REPSOL, Movistar, Telefonica, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Sete, Checha and so forth; names that associated with top class motorcycle racing from MotoGP and WSBK. This day, the fourth day, we passed the CIRCUITO DE ALMERIA, near the city of Almeria. On the road we met fellow riders riding sport bikes, wearing full gear on the road twisting and turning on the twisty Spain’s smooth road. Trully a bikers heaven!

The day began, as always, with a big breakfast. According to Manfred the weather improved. So we will take our planned route through the twisty road of Siera Nevada and finish the day at the small city of Guadix.

My self and the video cameraman Yus, checking the point of view camera. The result so far had been very nice!

This day also the last day for Samuel to joint us. Due to his accident the day before Samuel and his wife will go direct to Berlin with airplane.

What left, the group picture in front of our hotel at Aguilas. From left to right: Gentur, Nanda, Linda, Dyan, Inge, Andri, Ida, Abel, Richard, and Bona. Yus was taken this pic. Sorry Yus!

First pit stop. Still friggin’ cold!


Checkout the video of the twisty road of Siera Nevada. Very-very exhilirating!

You can get any turn you want. Down hill, up hill, long sweeping, steep, etc.

Stop for lunch near Almeria. As always, Manfred made sure that all this Indonesian riders were all full fed.

We even get a bit of “off road” action…

More “twisted video” for ya’..


In the afternoon we reached the city of Guadix. The most interesting part was that we stay in this “hobbit house” just like Lord of The Ring movie. The room is underground!

I did feel exhausted for today ride. Too much turn!

Unpacking the bike. Checkout the ground on top of our room.

Finaly the most anticipated event of the day… Dinner!!

The meals was exceptionaly delicious, perhaps because the ride today got too much turn, but I tell you this was one of the best meals we have in Spain.

And that is the chef with Manfred… Gracias!!

After meals… some more wine.. it was cold!!!

That concludes the fourth day…






15 thoughts on “Spain Ride Report Day 4

  1. @YDH

    You mean BKT as in West Sumatra?

    Then, yes.. I grew up there. Move to JKT about 18 years ago.

    May I know whos asking?

  2. hey, how’s everything…? long time no see….wow… u just look different…! I don’t recognized it. I was afraid that I asked wrong person. try to look at your pictures… it’s just waaay out! I didn’t know you like ride a bike? cool though! remember yossy?

  3. Ha.. ha.. ha…

    Does YDH stands for Yossy Den Has? 🙂

    I gain 20kg+ since highschool.. hehehe… “waaaay out”..

    How are you? What a surprise..!! Still in touch with the girls??


  4. ha..ha..not really, I went back to Indo in 2006. I met Rita, Lili, Irene & Oot. I didn’t see Linda (in padang panjang). Sri in Thailand right now.

    O.., I did meet Cardo. He came to my son’s circumcise celebration with Irene & Rita. I didn’t know how to contact you at that time. & Polo called me by the time I was in the airport going back to US. He said he didn’t know where all of the boys now.

    Do you still get in touch with them? wow… remember all the fun … I keep laughing all day… !! especially when I remember all of your jokes… ha..haa… still have more..? ha..ha..

    By the way, I’m sorry to hear about your sister & your parents….

    So when you’re going to have a touring in US? …

  5. Yes, the good ol’ days.. hehehe

    I’m in touch with Eri (KASO), he is working in Jakarta now. I finally got in touch with Polo I think late last year. The rest of the Cardova’s boy (Didi, Devi and Hendra) I do not know. 😦

    I meet with Lili several time, our kids go to the same kindergarten in Jakarta. But not Rita and the rest of the girls.

    How’s the folks? Are they move with you to the US?

  6. Hey, sepupu!!
    I googled my last name, ha… and bumped into your sembalap blog. You are really into it, I guess!! Cool pictures!!

    You should consider doing your next tour in my home state… I am not familiar with sembalap route, but surely you can google it?

    Hugs for R and the kids… (Should really make time to see you and the rest of the paternal clan next time I’m home!).

  7. @Upik

    Hehehe.. you have just got too much spare time if you google your own last name.. hahahaha 🙂

    So how you and the hubby are doing? Very well I hope.. Send my regards to him.

    When are you coming back to Indo? Do keep in touch Pik!

  8. Bona! ehehehehehehheheeehhh… you’ll be surprised at what you can find googling your own last name, what with the limited number of people sharing this funky dutch-spelling name. And uhm.. I was on a break in between heavy readings when I did that…. (ngiboel beneeeeerrrrr!!!!)

    This summer I will be in L, NL for my research. Aaaarrrgghh…! I am panicking as the dollar continues its free falling against euro! But as someone said (was it you?), if I don’t do this, the only PhD in our family (being the ethnic group that we are, that means my Mom’s side! har har har) will be a man, receiving it in full adat regalia, silek, and all those tari-tari.

  9. Upik, wow… more research…

    L, NL means Leiden Netherland? Good luck, and I think is officcial already.. you are the smartest person carrying the family name, off course we only counting the live one… 🙂

  10. Man… I can’t trust you with coded language, can I?? Har har har harrr……

    Just in case you didn’t get it, the other PhD = Panghulu Datuak…. har har har harrrr…. and I can totally see someone from your maternal line (= there’s only TWO of you!) bearing that title…. har har harr…..

    On another note, I am lucky I don’t have to compete with your Dad!

    Well, summer’s coming soon. I’m looking forward to be in L. I will be thinking a lot about Rosi when I am there.

  11. @ upik..

    Hehehehe.. my decoding engine is a very old one… haha

    Well, my mother side have plenty of candidate for “PhD”. But only 2 carrying the famous Djalins names… heheh And I think I speak for both of them that this “PhD” is not in our wish list… not like yours… 😉

  12. The other PhD is not based on one’s wishes, but is usually IMPOSED on one by the masses…. So, you’d better be prepared….

    Kalau gue, udah nggak bisa lagi jadi Bundo Kanduang… hahahhahaaa… soalnya bukan perempuan paling tua di antara sepupu2 gue…. hahahhahahaa….

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