Spain Ride Report Day 3

After spending the night at Valencia; and having a big dinner at the Italian restaurant the night before; the group prepare for one of the longest section of the tour. We will ride through Valenciana, through Murcia and we will spend the night at the coastal city of Aguilas.

The day still bit windy and the group anxiously waiting for the weather report and that if we can get back to the original route. In the morning briefing Manfred delivered the good news that the wind had calm down and we will back to the original route. We then left the city of Valencia. Bellow the video clip of we left Valencia. Check out the Monday morning traffic, very low!


Manfred took us straight to the twisty moutain road. Very enjoyable, after a boring rode the day before. The scenary was beautiful, the road was empty and twisty. Yet near the city of Confrentes one of the bike rode by Samuel had an accident. He miss judge one of the turn and crash. Bellow the pic of the spot where Samuel had the accident.

Fortunately nothing too serious. Manfred and Dyan make sure that everyting was OK. Sulistiari, Sam’s wife, had hurt her leg during the crash but still can continue to ride. Thanks to the protective gear both Sam and Sulistiari wore. Once we reach our today destination Manfred informed us that he will check Sulistiari’s leg to the nearest hospital to make sure everything OK.

We continue the trip and stop for lunch along the way. During lunch break, Yus changed the position of the point of view video camera to his helmet, check out video clip bellow.


In the afternoon the landscape changed. From mountain and green lanscapce to a desert look. Miles after miles of desert. In this medditeranian climate the area is very dry, very cold during winter and very hot during summer.

It just like the wild-wild west. Where instead you ride a horse you ride a BMW motorbike… nice!! We saw several castles along the road. A very historic area indeed. 

The road have not much turn and twist, if there is one, it is very-very long sweeping turn. Sometimes you wonder when the turn ended since in motorbike you lean to make a turn. And when the turn is very-very long, you lean for quite some time also.

We reached Aguilas in the afternoon.

Before checkin the hotel we took pictures and rode in the sea side area. The city was quite after a jam pack Easter Holiday just several days before. 

Yours trully at Aguilas.

While Manfred took Samuel and Sulistiari to hospital for X Ray, we had dinner in the sea side restaurant. The X Ray result was not very good. Sulistiari’s leg had fracture due to the crash. After consulting with the doctor, Sam and Sulistiari decided to not continue the bike trip.

It was a very long day, just after dinner several of us took a walk at the beach to cool off.  

That conclude our third day of riding.





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