Spain Ride Report Day 2


Day 2 of riding was not so good. The weather worsen. There was storm brewing in Nothern Europe. All night we could hear the wind blowing outside the hotel. In the morning albeit a sunny and clear day the wind was still too strong for us to safely ride.

Manfred, our road captain, finally decided to change course. The original plan to ride across the mountain side to Valencia was changed. We will ride in a sea side road. The road is less twisty and much wider compare to the mountain road. Not fun at all, but for safety sake this was the road we must take.


Tortosa was cold already, and when the wind blows, the temperature drop even more. Preparing the bike was tough, my fingers were all hurts trying to tie my bag on the bike.

We also start bit late, hoping the wind to slow down a bit. Just about time to watch live F1 GP at Sepang.

Today will not be as much fun as yesterday for sure. Check more video clip bellow from yesterday ride. A twisty mountain road, at the end you will see the entrance for our hotel in Tortosa.


First stop was the gas station. I never before felt riding bike with a strong side wind. When the wind came from the left, you need to lean the bike to the left just to make the bike go straight. I saw the group in front of me leaning to the left even-though we were dead straight. Tough. New experience gained but not fun at all.

At the gas station just to stand still on the bike was tough. I need to lowered my side stand to ensure I did not get blown away by the wind. We have 4 bike today drop from standing still or slow turn that get blown away by the wind.

Hmm… could be Casey Stoner behind this helmet… 🙂

We stop at the sea side city of Peniscola. No, I did not miss spell the city name. Time for another hot chocolate.

Clear blue sky…

We continue our trip mostly trough boring highway. Since we change course, bit difficult to find place for lunch. Also because it was long weekend holiday (Easter Day) in Spain most of the restaurant was packed. We finally found one at the highway.

That was all of our gear on top of pool table.

We finally reach Valencia. One of Spain big city. We got there early and after check in the hotel we walked around the city. A very nice city indeed.

Yours truly at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Want to know more about the building behind me, click here..



4 thoughts on “Spain Ride Report Day 2

  1. Boring for you maybe, but I still prefer those long, boring highways in Spain than the ‘challanging’ urban road of Jakarta. hehehe

    Btw, I thought you were going to watch the MotoGP live at Jerez :-p

    It just occured to me, a job as a motorcycle tour leader must be fun. Riding through those twisties everyday, and get paid doing it….
    But only if you’re located abroad, not back here 🙂

  2. Actualy… once, by a chance I found a website like that, an advertisement of a touring guide in Indonesia.
    But it is owned by a couple of American.

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